“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cleaning Lady From MIT Harasses Me On #1 Bus

A cleaning lady from MIT started an altercation with me on the # 1 bus (the route that goes from Harvard Yard through MIT and ends up in the ghetto so all bases of haters and perps with motive are covered ie: the elite and thier potential house slaves).

While at MIT this woman is always rude and also does a very mild stalking routine when she spots anyone who has a back pack etc at MIT. She makes drama out of it there by running to other cleaning staff when she spots you to discuss it. She does things like says you cant use a certain bathroom becuz she is going to lock it up for the night. The bathrooms at MIT arent locked at any time. She's rude and other people I know who I spoke to about this know exactly who she is becuz they have recieved the same treatment from her.

She messed with me and I fell for it. My argument back at her was articulate but the demographics on that route are pretty much rich whites and poor African Americans. Which means for them to continue their cozy relationship poor whites must always  be scapegoated.

She enjoyed my arguing with her I could see in her face after a certain point-the drama, the attention. She's foreign and of African descent so her country of origin is potentially a place with sh*tty conditions and horrid human and civil rights policies. Thus her attitude sucks.

Living in metro Boston, specifically Cambridge, she knows that rich Whitey here tolerates the subjugation of poor Whitey by Blacks...becuz class is what's important here, not race. And the upholding of the elite's lifestyle at any cost.

Rich White people, YUPpies and students will stab you in the back here for a person of color specifically an African American. Their motives are various but one is its important to lighten the White Guilt load when one can but its also always been important to focus attention elsewhere-to scapegoat, project and displace so no one realizes the ruling classes are responsible for social ills in large part to begin with.
Its pure selfishness. They know the Blacks serve them and have much of their worldly goods entrusted to them. Blacks can be controlled still. That never changed. Blacks will ultimately do what they want for good or ill, whether they like it or not. (Historically there have been some impressive peoples of African descent who have aced the system but instead of hearing about them the system markets the underdog type heroes. Its part of keeping the slave mentality in place and keeping Blacks house slaves. Also so the public think they are underprivileged, stupid, poor things so never suspect them of being capable of spying, psy ops, COINTELPRO and other sophisticated operations within the USA.)

Poor Whites are extremely dangerous to elite Whites culture. The elite's only hope traditionally is to favor and coddle one faction of the poor so all factions dont join together and rise against them. Its right in the history books. Poor Whites and downtrodden Blacks joining forces and creating uprisings that were a genuine problem for the elite.
America has that controlled by design now too, especially in Boston and Cambridge- all of MA actually. Its well documented that this area is notorious for Black racism against Whites of the lower classes. Theres even been class action lawsuits in the public school system.
Yet many demographics of Whites remain willfully ignorant and still follow suit here regardless of facts. This is nothing short of a class-race conspiracy against poor Whites and the little snobs know exactly what they are doing.

After our exchange was over I, of course, stayed in control and went back to riding the bus. Ive become expert at being able to think clearly while being angry and in action, then going right back to normal. If there was video tapes made of these instances you'd have to be an idiot or biased to not see that I usually make alot of sense, which is of course why I have learned to handle things this way. Its like doing activism while handling perps.

Still this younger skinny (they are all skinny YUPpies, students and Hipsters around here nowadays like every other gentrified city Ive been to nationwide) white kid got off before the main MIT stop and as he did he looked at her and said "I'm sorry you had to put up with that". (then maybe she shouldnt have started it). I told him he knows nothing about her and the situation and I believe I called him a YUPpie and told him to go home. He had bead on from the gay pride parade so I dont trust that he wasnt a bitchy, jealous gay male becuz in the real world those are another of my natural enemies.

 If this isnt a gang stalking set up which the #1 bus is notorious for, then its an example of the kind of mobbing that goes on of poor Whites and very much nowadays the Homeless. Those of us that look good get more harassed. There seems to be something very threatening to their order of things when someone is white, poor, strong, smart, attractive, efficient and mobile. The Blacks are jealous and the upper class Whites are scared. So, they join together and mob people who appear as I do.
Really its just they want to preserve this system in place of upper class Whites and thier house slaves. I know its  not a nice term to use but these social issues ain't nothin' nice. It is genuinely the way rich Whites think and often they do it very subconsciously. Whites dont fully want to face thier natural urges to enslave other people under them but history shows that is exactly what they do by nature.

The MIT cleaning lady was wearing black and red so consider that. My backpack was in her face as I exchanged my old one yesterday, so I wasnt used to the size difference. I was standing she was sitting. She kept giving me dirty looks as I did not recognize her from MIT. She swatted my back pack and in her accent said "Get that owt of me fess" (get that out of my face).
I told her not to touch people's things that you need ask instead to please move.
 She then argued so I did the same in a controlled manner. She then whipped out her power card by saying "If I see you at MIT I am callin da police" so then I knew who she was. Being that by now it was too late to make a save on this one I went for it. (If I had recognized her I would have been as nice and fake as possible becuz I get alot of work done at MIT at night when I do go there once or twice a week, as during the day I am tired or busy with daily survival stuff and summer library hours are short.)

It devolved into repeating the backpack issue and neither one of us giving up the last word so she makes another power play by telling me "You are a homeless bitch". So you can see that she already knows shes going to get away with the argument in public due to my status.

I firmly used the 'N' word, very calmly, to refer to her when the altercation got deep and I had to start really hitting back to win. It may be damning evidence and it may seem cruel but in this area you have to let the African American giving you trouble know that you do NOT subscribe to the limp wristed  attitudes of the local Whites but also that you are not a stupid lower class person who is going to fall for being baited publicly either and made a fool of. It messes up their footing and it scares the Whites looking on so they dont get involved becuz this is always a potential mob scene. Remember many altercations I have experienced since childhood in this area consist of being ganged up on, thats just the way it pans out for me in this location. Its either Blacks, rich White kids or both. You've got to prevent them from a mob scene as you acting alone in these situations.

I then countered with asking her if she was born in this country and told her she could kiss my born in the USA ass. 

I informed her that everyone on this bus has some sort of hardship, rich and poor and there is no need to be a jerk. That wherever she is from she has no right to take it out on others, and I then pointed out that her country probably has horrible human and civil rights policies.

What was most striking was not what she did as she knew exactly what she was doing. It was the dumbfounded looks of the white passengers. Many of them genuinely have no idea what goes on in the real world, how such an interaction could occur. They are so brainwashed and handled by the cult of Political Correctness and this illusion of a perfect world with no racism, religious intolerance or classism that they dont understand what it takes to actually live in the real world where those things exist readily. If anything the way I handle people is trying to build that better world. At this point I could have easily joined a White Supremacy group and become a total separatist, giving in fully to hate which I am sure the system would love so then they could just pigeon hole me and write me off as racist (of course without ever asking why the person has to revert to a desperate act like that. They never do-becuz then they would realize THEY create terrorists with the way thier culture is set up world wide. Americans dont want to look at what really goes on, they want to remain ignorant children.)

 So there's the black and red thing, then of course she's probably union and Ive already posted about the international union and other unions out there having been cited for corruption, intimidation and strong arm tactics. Its no surprise that many of the gang stalkers from the Bush era fit into this category.

Lately I have been particularly paranoid, in the clinical sense. As if its simply something my brain chemistry does on its own. (This only starts to become evident when I am in my hometown area. It clears up once I am elsewhere specifically areas that dont resemble the social set up here).
Its due to being from this area knowing this used to be my home and knowing what they've done to me over the years. Always being aware of the original betrayals takes its toll on me every time I come back here. Its simply too much to bare while trying to work on this project.

It seems that the gang stalkers here in this area will do anything to insure I leave go to another country, whatever it takes to see to it I never get legal counsel.

They are discrediting me especially frequently lately.