“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Real Jew News-How The 'Jew' Thinks

Oh, this should go over well.

Its from a Jew who's converted to Christianity and seems particularly disgusted with his people.


I try to disregard his Christian views as I dont advocate any Abrahamic religious dominance among non Middle Eastern peoples, thier lands or cultures. I am more interested in the practice of pushing for Equality and Political Correctness yet they seeming to have an exclusive culture all thier own.

To be honest I resemble the Jewish character as I notice the Italian world view is somewhat similar.  Years ago Italians were Italian first even in regards to Catholicism which many Italians are smart enough to realize is just Rome reinvented to continue the old empire's power in the world.  Many Italians have now become 'white' which means they have no loyalties to thier own kind any longer or they have devolved into what we see on Jersey Shore and Mob Wives where they are loyal to those they know intimately, from the same areas or the same lifestyle and class. Being 'Italian' isnt the pure thing it was years ago in the USA perhaps it is still in Italy I dont know.

Interestingly, this change is largely due to the multicultural, Diversity/PC/Equality driven cult culture which is driven by many Jews themselves!

In regards to the NWO and related changes I am not refering to the helpful Jew, who if anything sympathizes with Target's plights as similar to thiers and sees the TI's intelligence and conviction. I am referring to a dangerous culture of subversion, one that is typical of Abrahamic religions to brainwash and take over the western world's people and define its culture. 

Perhaps its true-this prediction of the NWO trying to get Israel to be the capital of a one world government. I cant conceive of that happening with ancient powers like Rome, Great Britain, the Orient and India and even the Arab countries having thier own strong religions and power structures as well as a lot of money, resources and influence to back that up.

Not to be crass but reading enough of this however one can see that the Nazis were the best break that Zionists (not the victims) ever had not unlike 9-11. Therefore one has to reassess many of the curious and suspect things surrounding these events that makes a case for the Zionists themselves being in on creating such events or at least contributing to thier happening.