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Monday, June 11, 2012

Boston and Cambridge Now Hold GS Record For One Specific Tactic Overkill

This area now holds the record for the most use of the 'wallet check' gesture tactic.

Total overkill. In the last week this area has intensified the harassment to ridiculous frequency. I must be getting people patting their empty front or back pockets thirty times a day.

This all became more frequent when I noticed the Red Sox fans turned nasty: right when the colleges let out for summer and tourists had started coming into Boston. 

Over past few days its become ridiculous. I can now attest to tueir being a pattern where in the summer time this area has heavy stalking and harassment as opposed to the school year. Every year its like this.

Today i got harassed in the Copley Shaws supermarkt which is notorius for being really bad for gang stalking both from perps and getting nasty remote influece from their camera system. The perps are really overt usualy in there.

Today some Mex uptight asshole was walking by twice doing the wallet check but also patting front pocket.  I could only take so much so I turned around, walked past him and patted my back pocket and front.  He  got  nervous and just started patting all over. If i could get that surveillance cam footage it would be priceless.

The amount of assholes here now is incredibly high. I say its imported recruited help the city and companies need to keep tourists in, Travelers out and TIs controlled.

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