“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marvelling At Realization Of How Malecentric GS Campaign Has Been

Ive been hanging around two males for twenty four hours. Christians and into the military. One wont give up being draining by complaining constantly and talking hard ass all the time. Uuggggh. I cant be around males of this kind for too long.

It really is draining. I'm going to be getting a procedure done soon and I need the support. But it might not be worth it.

Christians can be nice enough but i cant be around them for very long. I tend to start feeling very drained.  If I'm around left hand path people it takes longer but I eventually come to feel my energy is unstable or I actually can sense all the metaphysical atmosphere they carry with them. Its certainly too much after a while.

Is there anyone that I can be around?
I wish the GS system had left me alone so I could find out where I belong and be comfortable. And why are there so few cool women? I always end having to hang out with men. Even when I was younger so few women to hang out with which is why I guess women bond so much with the ones we do find who we are compatible with. It's worse now in this militarized post 9-11 culture. Its so sexist since Bush. The whole culture is draining now. Has been for years. What happened? My life always centered around women. All my life. Then late Clinton this trend started of having trouble with male authority. Then in 2003 or so it just exploded and males just HIJACKED my life literally. Male authority especially governing authority just came down on me like a hammer. It almost killed me. It still might cause a premature death. But its become a trend. Like its everywhere. This cult of male authority ruling the land running everything into the ground. And my life is now nothing but males. That is partially the gang stalking system. Its very malecentric and male centered. The things they use against me as a Target is very much from a male power perspective. Trying to control me with shame humiliation and sex is very much male oriented. I cant find any strong women to hang out with. In fact now I think about it I find it suspect that none of my reader comments are female. It seems like mostly males. Alex Jones, David Icke and Cooper, alot of activists and TIs are all males. The head of the most popular TI website is a black male. (With breasts???) All the other women seem very splintered. Why dont we have an all female TI group?(that ISNT run by all African American women or Christians who spend time praying instead of actually doing something.) (I dont trust African American centered power in advocacy groups anymore due to COINTELPRO in the past and the heavy gang presence and GS activity. It should be diverse). When I do enter a situation where I find women I can trust or find an opportunity to empower women that is almost immediately ceased and comtrolled or ruined by a male and the GS system. I have personally seen them get ahold of a female who will work with them and for their interests and have her usurp me so that I cant expose and fix corruption or take a position of power. It seems women one can trust are nowhere to be found. It never used to be like that. It really is compelling how much effort has been put into utilizing males againt me to destroy me, keep me down or handle me and to rip me from all the women in my life. In fact now I look at it and its the number one thing the GS system has done to me. Is utilize the abuse of male power and authority to almost kill me as well as keep me down. Its phenomenal actually. No wonder so many of us are depressed. We are living under false rule. A totally false man made created environment. Becuz this is NOT reality.