“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sending Blacks To Get Me Back Down Due To Being In Protective White Male Company Lately

Still getting some ideations to beat it out of here and go to another country. Like whatever is going to happen is soon.

All they can do lately or at least all Ive experienced are arrogant black males who cant get any making sure I see them looking at my body and then making sure i see a stupid look on their faces afterwards as if they have some sort of power. It doesn't seem random. These are people in on GS or they think they know me from the cover story.

They always bother me and harass me when I am alone. I think they are desperate to make  a  hard  hit when i am alone lately when they can becuz ive been seen with two males who are friends.

This matters little as all i can think of is they have to wake up in the morning black males with no to little power in this society. I dont. So they lose anyway.

And i know they definitely can't play those power games when i go down south or when i go to TX or the south west. I hear Europe doesnt put up with them at all...other than some immigrants who I am sure get handled...quietly or covertly if not outright by authorities.

But thats MA for you. The rich love their house slaves. And they will destroy any person of a lower class with blacks even if they are of the same race.

Sell outs.

What do you think the NWO is about?

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