“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Every time I turn around there is some idiot doing something totally ridiculous that makes legit TI's seem dangerous. Either these people are willing participants who will help the system make people like me look really bad with thier crimes or they are targeted by the same system and they dont have the intelligence, informants giving them information or the understanding of Gang Stalking to handle being targeted. Also notice how they are all men. Note also that one man was high on drugs that were obviously burning up his insides as one cop put it, the man in Miami who cannibalized a homeless male before being shot.

If you dont notice, there happen to be differences between these people and myself and other TIs like me.

I am older.
I am female and this makes a huuuge difference in who goes off the deep end and who doesnt. Hormones have a lot to do with who stays sane and who doesnt. One of the reasons the system comes after women my age when they do is becuz of waning estrogen and approaching testosterone surges-they believe this will make it easier for them to manipulate us into going postal like males. Nice try but after a lifetime as a female, it aint happening.
I am obviously of higher intelligence, as most long term TI's are. These guys are young- how long could they have possibly been targeted? The smart ones last longer, like in anything in life.
Theres one more factor I wont mention but its obvious.

Most TIs are of higher than average intelligence, specifically Survivors who are usually endowed with multi talents, creativity, athleticism and attractiveness specifically to the opposite sex. These assets tend to allow us to live longer and have more sympathizers and support. Shallow as it is, this is how humans think. Why do you think they pick who they do from families they choose? For these qualities.

Many TIs are women. As women age in this game, though thier futures are destroyed and they are denied reaching thier full potential, we are able to adapt to the system and survive to do activism.

Its important to realize that the system right now wants Targets to flip out like this. Or to leave the country.

I love the part about facebooking about mass sacrifices and telling everyone he was going to write a book. Plenty of people talk about writing books. Most of the homeless and Travelers I know talk about writing a book-that doesnt mean they are going to jack someone up and eat them.

I think the connection to the ROTC here is interesting however. Hmph. Who knows what was wrong with this kid. Perhaps we just live in world now where people think they have to go to these lengths to appear bad ass.

However, notice that rap convention was in Miami. Maryland is pretty f*cked up as well. With all those rappers like Jay Z and such preaching evil bs in thier songs for so long-decades now, who knows what influences its had on people's minds?! Ever listen to some of that music? It was evil back in the 90's and its just been on the same track ever since. Whatever you wanna listen to is on you but keep track of what you are taking in mentally.

His grammatically incorrect sentence concerning cults is a clue. Maybe he was a victim of RA. Maybe its whoever psyched him out into doing this, they are trying to be the ever-so-evil badasses.

What I think is the more dumbasses they get to snap like this the more that TI's will be profiled as dangerous regardless of the fact that our profiles are completely different.

Im getting a lawyer. This guy didnt. I think that is the difference whoever is behind this needs to take into consideration.

Ok so cannibalism is 'in' this season.

Humor aside, from what TIs know about this system this is nothing more than possibly more intimidation tactics to silence us. Supposedly thier war is ending in 2014. They probably want to curb the amount of legal action now by scaring people into leaving the USA or making people snap. Anyone who's aware of whats going on is going to have to live with intimidation.

As far as my being upset about the deaths involved-Im not. Becuz I have seen this system leave a trail of deaths behind when it comes to getting what they want with these black projects. Its on THEM who they kill in their interests not people like me. Dont ever forget thats part of thier game. Its also a tactic to add to behavior modification. The more guilty you feel perhaps the more you will soften over time and this leads to being compliant with what the system has done to Targets over time.
They know that over time enough terror will force a human being to eventually seek peaceful conditions. DONT BUDGE AN INCH. Unless of course you are afraid of them.

My mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra. I have dirt on local corruption.

Becuz this unfortunate bastard didnt have those advantages. Who lives or dies is insignificant- the truth is all that matters. Cold hearted? Just countering the perps- academia, military, intelligence agencies and the private sector. They started this along with so much of the public who support thier campaigns. Its they who are greedy, cold hearted and deceptive. Its blood on THIER hands when someone flips out who has all the signs of being a TI and they dont admit to the existence of cults, human experimentation etc.

What next?
My seeing what I can destroy with lawyers before I leave the USA for good. Thats whats next.