“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 23, 2014

GS Program Trying Desperately To Get Me Into Institutions-Attempting To Sucker Me Into Political Activity To Get Me Under Control

They think they've won now Ive been driven to do acting out in Central Sq and getting arrested.

Thats why its imperative at this point in time for the system to keep trying to get me into the legal system most likely so I can be fully indoctrinated into society and finish off behavior modification after years of dealing with this and being damaged and broken down.

Getting me to care about things locally like the homeless scene and become politically active is just one way of doing this. Its right there in the tv show The Prisoner when they brainwash and coax the Target, known only as Number 6, into running for office in 'The Village'. http://www.the-prisoner-6.freeserve.co.uk/episode_four.htm

The point of the tale is that you might become politically active or gain power through office but the fact still remains you are still a prisoner in The Village- on this isolated island.

By taking on political concerns in normal society you have forsaken your original fight-against being a captive and being held against your Will in 'The Village'.
Just another way to get you to give up and submit to behavior modification programs. The power of office is the bribe and having things to care for replaces what you should have been able to accomplish in your own life had you not been held down as a Targeted Individual and allowed to reach your full potential.
(Im in the cafeteria of Mass Art in Boston. A little girl from Ringe Latin School, Cambridge right now trying to spy on what I am writing and engage me in conversation to keep me from working. Its so sick. They frequently have used children before as Ive documented.
Its hard to say because her entire generation is trained to be suspect of anyone who looks like they are bucking society's norms. She actually might believe and activist is akin to a terrorist.)