“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, April 22, 2011

a nasty smear or psyche out

By the way, that horrible homeless woman who also goes by the name of Rachel, who I posted about months ago as doing some very overt perp tactics..and by doing so revealed she has watched and read my YouTube channel revealed more information today.

She's a verbal sniper..that's her attack style. Walked past and said softly "well well well, if it isn't the rapist herself". Of course I dealt with it calmly becuz that is how this particular nutjob is best handled.
I told her that usually men do the raping etc. She said she just wanted to throw.that out there to see how I would take it.


Now let's use the little homeless traitor.

She in past has revealed that she reads at least the YouTube channel. She's familiar with the material.

What she threw out there today might be a psyche out but it might also be a very real part of the smear campaign and I have to take that into consideration.

It has been used by perps over the years the idea that part of the smear out there is a story that I did harm to someone's kid. Specifically Julie's first child, a son.

This is ridiculous of course especially when asking the public to believe the word of a career criminal involved in the adult entertainment industry who was being protected during a federal investigation as opposed to a woman who has nothing, a sick hateful mother who helped the campaign along out of spite (and programming) who's obviously been framed and targeted for a diversion as well as other reasons.

What the public are going to believe them just becuz they are aligned with powerful friends and cops?

Perhaps so..but it is a ridiculous smear. But I know one thing, its definately part of either the smear campaign or its used as part of the psy ops campaign.

Thanks again, you miserable DUMB homeless biatch.