“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, April 25, 2011

Young men are so awful nowadays..at least what I have to deal with here around mtero Boston. They seem totally souless. You look at them and they are blank. Most shave their heads but they arent doing it for style that means anything rebellious. They are doing it for a most sever kind of conformity. They probably listen to what's popular so they are far from punk or neo Nazis certainly.

Punk kids used to be rebellious with some kind of purpose or better yet, just to avoid the system completely.

These kids seem to be defined by a combo of heavy military culture influence, an internalization of gangsta culture or a bit of Wigger influence and alot of psych mess rotting their brains as children.

They are full of the urge to dominate which I see clearly at this age but withou anything other than testosterone and society's blessings to do so.

The people who did this to me..have contolled my life for years through constant stalking ,harassment and psy ops must have known that holding me down foe a cetain length of time would create a generation gap that I couldn't possibly handle especially since so much of the general public here in US seem to know me as a public figure, though perhaps only connected to the cover story.

They knew that keeping me down would deny me to grow and gain knowledge along with the rest of the population, so I may be dealing with an entire generation who find gang stalking, military or CIA black ops destroying someone as totally a normal part of life.

These kids aren't corrupt so much as they have been raised within the militarization of the country. Sexism and soulessness are totally normal to them.

Id rather deal with my drug addicted generation. At least there wasn't this self righteous attitude of working with the establishment in a collective.

These kids I see on the train and around the city take apathy combine it with an internalization of so called 'evil' and bring being self centered to new boring lows.

I've never seen so many people who think they're badasses with conservative views without the respectability that being truly Conservative brings.

I think I recall as a young woman this is why I avoided men my own age and preferred older men who were in learned positions of power.
They were idiots then and nothing has changed within mainstream American culture..in the northeast anyway. There is something very cunning and cowardly about northeastern culture, that I can only see clearly now from this vantage point.

Young men have alot to answer for across this nation as far as destroying my health, my life, my sanity and taking my future away from me..denying me opportunities.

Younger men make up the largest group of gang stalking I experienced nationwide. Of course female criminal types in trouble were involved and the typical weak minded female who follows whatever warlike aggressive actions men are taking against anyone, anywhere.

Besides the fact that this generation has been engineered to live in transparency, which of course has made them totally ignorant of what its like to be a GenXer. Taking my privacy away from me, even being forced to live publicily on these blogs has not only destroyed who I really am and modifed my Self to a false self, but has basically been a major part of destroying my soul, and diminishing my spirit.

This is what Ritual Abuse is about. And many Survivors of high level programming after waking up and being targeted can see clearly that America and other such countries hide behind Judeo-Christian value systems but are actually Satanic in nature. Americans tend to dismiss the existence of such
forces while still claiming to be Christians yet when Christians are devout or strong in their belief and deal with the existence of Satanic forces, your average American or westerner doesn't want to know.

Westerners live in denial for the most part. By the very nature of the systems being Capitalist or consumerist, these populations are spiritually dead, unaware or compromised. They want the benefits of greed and exploitation-they just don't want to be consciously aware. Nor do they want to take responsibility for these realities, thus the Judeo-Christian belief system, very useful as 'a nation under god'. That means if you just partake in whatever level of or definition.of.what your nation's god and religion is, you are part of so acceptable so will be protected as part of that culture or nation.

It doesn't mean you are truthful however or that you are in the right..as a nation or individually or in some percieved majority. It means majority rules and if.that isn't enough then might will make right.

This is where one discovers that the spiritual battles and.warfare is real. The Christians are right about their claims of evil and SRA existing in the world. And overt Satanists gain respect for living openly and with conviction the most realistic and version of a lifestyle and philosophy that the public only flirts with or supports by their continued denial of its existence..or its influence on society.

The worst part of this situation is that the public who are the ultimate cowards with little belief in their convictions, actually cause the worst damage to the targeted Survivor of programming.

Yet unlike the Satanist they don't have any direct experience or knowledge so don't endure any real damage to their human spirit.
Believe it or not Satanists do alot of suffering, they just often don't realize it as they live in it and are wired or re-wired, or programmed to sustain power from it. One has to respect that..as opposed to the high numbers of total jerk offs in the general public who are either involved in things such as covert ops such as stalking and harassing someone to death or seem to get off on feeling superior to the person in their plight.

The public has always lived this way and in many different cultures.

My uncle James introduced me once to an older man who he claimed was targeted by the CIA. I still recall the look on the man's face.
He was believable. There is a very obvious difference between a crazy person suffering delusions and someone who is genuinely being persecuted by political oppression.
He looked like he knew too much.
My uncle brought him a newspaper I think. I don't recall why we were there.
That was a very 60s generation thing to consider cool and subversive anyway.
Hey, regardless of what shitty parents they were and selfish human beings, without them, none of us could've fought the system this long. This is what the system has been trying to destroy in Gen X and the Bush era was meant to end us completely. The creation of this conservative, plugged in conformist, collective living generation is the perfect next phase in ensuring that any remaining opposition to an oppressive NWO or anyone who sees the way these plans are laid out and slowly executed.

A smear campaign as well as making an entire nation into a security force or spies ensures that being targeted by covert ops is either deniable or percieved as totally normal.

Mass mind control as it is now is almost impossible to beat.
I could have gotten a lawyer for all the local offenses and written my book by now if it weren't for heavy and constant psychological warfare as well as the presence of mind control through technology in use from 6am to 12 midnight approximately.

It seems much more prevelant and impossible to beat since 2010 or so..but personally my health changed for the worst in Dec 2009. Yet I do recall I had more fight or resistance during Bush. Since Obama I have experienced a feeling of being almost non existent. Like something about his being president has drained me of Self, life force and my very place here in space and time.

During Bush I may have been being beaten down and tortured, but there was some connection that made me strong. I can't define what the difference is exactly.

This era sucks..that's for certain. And I no longer exist as defined by Me but it seems as defined by and constantly controlled by the public. Whom I have no idea how much they know, what they have been told or exactly what they have seen...basically how do so many know who I am and how have they formed judgement or perception of me?

This is why TIs kill themselves. To be dominated and left with no privacy and under this sort of persecution to not understand exactly what is going on causes the person to die. Who wants to live under such horrible conditions?

You're a victim of legitimate war crimes but an entire nation wants to deny that and force you to feel bad about yourself for some bs in the smear campaigns that has little to do with the situation.

Thats why Targets go lone shooter. The v2k along with being tortured and tormented by psychological warfare can give actual instruction to a targeted person.

The TIs you read about doing activism are very strong mentally and spiritually though they are made out to appear weak against the mob.