“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, April 25, 2011

Deceptive Cambridge

Many people in the city of Cambridge around Central Sq especially, need a seious lesson. I mean the whites the well to do in the area.

Many people knew what was being done to make me sick in that apartment and ruin my life. They smile at me or like those two old bitches a few months ago, walk by and say 'its over now', as if they have full control.

This is becuz we are so close to Harvard and MIT. Its human experimentation and they are in on it. They also wanted to help the rich men who depend on Julie protect her. Being predominantly educated people, they know the psychological games and brainwashing involved.
They prob percieve me as an ignorant poor person and handling me has proven quite easy.

Its just the way their ancestors handled the servants or the slaves to get where they are today. Rum and bibles for slaves probably.

If not then like Jake's buddy Paul that he makes his shitty movies with, they are.in some profession like psychiatry or psychology that is made lucrative by gang stalking. Cameron is most likely their hero. Hmph..

Or they are involved in acedamia locally and not only is there alot of mobbing in higher education, recently the policy is outright lie or make things up to fit PC standards.

Whatever the case they can all drop dead.

I know the seriousness of my situation and that I almost got killed, spent.years fighting suicide due to what was done to me and I was tortured.

They will pay in.some form soon.

Harvard and MIT have made quite enough money off human suffering. And Cambridge has snubbed outsiders with their sneaky Yankee ways long enough.

This is probably how they won the.civil war. Their psy ops and intel was better.

Cambridge stinks with corruption and oppression of the poor underneath the pretty exterior and the status..and using bleeding heart Liberalism as a smoke screen.
And very selectively as well.