“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Activity On The MBTA

Alot of mobbing on the trains in the morning. I notice gang stalking is more prevelant during the day especially in morning but only on MBTA trains and say the airport.

But the trains and buses here are usually full of people who seem like gang stalkers.

The latest is the same: people especially men focusing on me on the trains. They seem threatened. In order to add to the intimidation people usually check their wallets in an overt manner as a form of shaming and intimidation.
Often its just paranoia but again it shows the general public's ignorance concerning crime.

My backpack is pretty big, the travel kind. It's also expensive as I traded for it in Oregon. I have a smart phone.

I prettty much stand out, which is a possible motive outside these people especially the men being gang stalkers.
The idea that I would be pickpocketing people is very improbable.

Once again our culture uses anti crime anti terror and false morality to harass and.target anyone who wont conform as well as is a threat to men's renewed power under the past administration bringing back sexism as the norm.

Black males also are taking a mile lately in many different ways as Obama being president has given them an inch.
They are also given the idea that all white people up here who aren't wealthy or don't stay in Southie are under the influence of their culture. If someone breaks that sense of security they tend to mob the offender. It wouldn't happen in Nashville but its GOING to happen here.

Once again poor whites have to suffer for the deeds and from the actions of upper class whites.

So public transport is very uncomfortable here- mostly becuz the population themselves are miserable due to their low or average status, looks,income etc.

This area was not like this prior to gentrification and becoming a world class city.