“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Race In The USA/ PC Being Misused By A Fascist Culture

Im going to post this theory about race I am trying to formulate. I of all people am not intimidated by Political Correctness, not after what Ive been through in my early life and since 2003. But the system in its attempt to brainwash the citizens of the USA,specifically Targeted Individuals, would like all of us to submit to the intimidation, intimdated or direct, that is produced by the abuse of Political Correctness since the fascist era has taken over our country.

The way PC is used today is outright abuse of power but its so manipulative that people either fall under thought control or simply feel afraid to tackle the issue. If the rich whites dont get on you for not being a 'good little white' (poor of course in my class) then you face the intimated threat from memories of race riots or gang retaliation. The country, like many other countries nowadays, has been trained. And its not fair to marginalized or poor whites or 'other' as this chart designates, to be subjegated to an agreement of power between the upper white classes and African Americans, usually blacks of the same lower classes.

I noticed a pattern by the numbers, one that I have experienced in my travels through the years and living in urban areas for extended periods of time.

As a lower class 'white' woman of some intelligence I have found that the most comfortable racial set ups regarding co existing with African Americans is in states where the black population is either very low, such as all the 4% and lower states or states where the population was in a relatively higher percentage but this depends on location.

My survival depends much it seems on location. In the southwest blacks tend to blend into the cultural mix. In southern CA its as bad as it is in Boston.
Mississippi however seemed like a much more mello place but MO is, like Atlanta, a living hell for me to even go through.
I havent traveled throughout the deep south enough to make an assesment of what each state is like. The deep south for me as a Yankee is still a mysterious, dark place. It seems friendly to me however as long as I understand that its segregated unlike up here, but that seems to work alot better being poor and white. In certain cities in TN you can be poor and not have to partake of shelters there, which or course are run by blacks and have blacks as residents. But then again the blacks working there seem genuinely Christian and honest about their mission to help others, as opposed to other places where shelters seem like just a front for crime rings and corruption.

I was shocked to see that MA is only 6% black. Is that accurate? The issue is that due to my needing to be around a college area I end up in cities and that of course is where the highest African American concentration is. This explains why blacks from Boston have this thing about 'being FROM Boston' by birth on paper and growing up there. Its the only strong hold of territory they have and they are obviously proud of that.

I realize now that the land is not as I percive it naturally. I often percieve life on earth as LIFE on EARTH. THE earth. The land itself and Nature. The man made world and all its false lines, limits and borders are sensed by me as something topical. Something created by man, and existing only in the minds of humans, and this false reality is only valid as long as man exists. I often feel the world as if humans were not here. The land, the animals, the sun, moon and elements. Humans are an addition to this, like a final layer on a painting.

Which of course means that all these bullshit problems and rules are not 'the way it is' but created by the minds and intentions of humans...and it doesnt have to be the way it is.

My biggest nightmares seem to be places where African Americans are in a minority but higher than 4% and there is no segregation. This is due to my going to city areas where I now understand that African Americans establish thier only territorial stronghold and thus, behave accordingly.

This helps me better understand the dynamic of America and even my own place of birth where the race war has always been a source of misery, mostly becuz its used as a weapon of class oppression but no one seems to see this anymore.

As a Targeted Individual I am often forced into circumstances that expose me to conditions I am not familiar with and have comprimised my safety. Being forced into traveling the country backpacking for years on end is not necessarily a good thing but this was part of the gang stalking campaign. I know this becuz someone in ABQ NM was overheard saying that 'they' wanted to keep me on the run with the harassment. Which means I dont establish myself, look unstable and irresponsible, ruins my health, missed opportunity etc.

These are the conditions as they exist in reality. These conditions do not have to be the way they are but the system demands divide and conquer among classes by manipulating race issues and pissing people off in different ways so that they turn on each other instead of the true oppressor. Sometimes, humans just suck and that is always a factor. But people are largely manipulated into these conditions and of course into hatred.

The only thing that will change this is knowledge- true knowledge not campaigns or agendas. Knowledge of self and the other parties involved.
Notice how they have PC forced on us as a means of 'getting along' in society but there are no classes that help races understand each other better?
Those horrid 'sensitivity' classes dont count- they are part of the PC beat down. Just let ME into one of those and Ill wear down whatever psychological warfare agent is running the thing, bringing special stories of the race wars during bussing in the 70's in Boston. Go for it. Put me into one of those classes. But they never will. I will never be subjected to the system like that, if they thought it would work they would have done it by now. They are deadly afraid that I will somehow work it so that I start change from within and they damn well know that too. Well,so do I. Its better for the system to totally marginalize and shame me. Keeping me silenced for life. This seems to work better with someone like me. I make too much sense,I see through bullsh*t and manipulation and people like me once they know I am not the assh*le I am portrayed to be and realize the injustices I have suffered, further empowering me as an activist. I cant be used as an enemy to unite people as I have been as a marginalized, smeared Target. They cant control me within the system so only this way works for them.

IGNORANCE about race is just another issue used to manipulate Targeted Individuals.

With me thier main plan was to use my naivete and ignorance to trap me and force me to make mistakes and live under miserable conditions due to my lack of understanding about the man made world outside of the world I knew, which was strictly controlled by my family and handlers. To keep me trapped in this way for the best years of my life and during a time when I would have grown powerful in many ways was their main agenda and they have accomplished this.

Race was only a tool of oppression- a weapon. And PC being misused now UNDER A FASCIST SYSTEM IN THE USA is merely a weapon of the aggressors and a tool of oppression. It was not so in its original form. Kinda like when Christianity was used by Rome to form the Catholic Church..with its greed, violence, oppression and its many human rights atrocities. A great philosophy co opted by the wrong power structure isnt such a good idea anymore.

Sort of like a scientist not wanting his invention to get into the 'wrong hands' in movies. Unfortunately, the 'wrong hands' usually win.