“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Iceman Inheritance..Didnt I Just Write This Theory Last Week?


This is why someone like me is targeted. I am not educated and live like a Romani (gypsy) within one of the richest countries in the world. Why?

Becuz I come up with theories like this guy, and I am a poor uneducated white female with no children who was formerly in adult entertainment. My having the capacity to be this brilliant and beyond would destroy the entire social order, as society would have to admit that genius exists, hidden under mind control, within the subjugated and marginalized and black market economies of the worlds largest democracy.

You can plainly see in past posts that I thought this up all by myself. And I challenge anyone at any IP address that I have used to prove or show that I had read this sneakily and then appeared to come up with it myself. My intelligence and brilliance has been systematically ignored all my life by handlers and family members as well as the community and school system. WHY??

In a pissed off post a few weeks ago, I came up with the idea that all Middle Eastern religions seemed based in the Middle Eastern character of fanaticism as well as sexism was always present. I think my sentiment was that we should remove all these religions from all non Middle Eastern cultures and countries. This was a reaction to reading about more rapes by Muslims in Sweden I believe was the source of the piece I wrote.

Why is this man brilliant and I am considered a crazy homeless woman or someone who deserved to be homeless? Why does American hate me so much and loathe me for being brilliant..why am I systematically denied recognition for my intelligence and inventiveness.

I have to recall the one perp who said "How smart is this one supposed to be?" while in a circle of people around my bed I woke up to in one frightening incident years ago. They were really f*cking with me then.

And ever since the system has succeeded in wearing me down and internalizing all of the negative images of me in the smear campaigns. Before the heavy psychological warfare as mentioned above brain damage was induced by being terrorized and controlled so I spent three years in a moldy apartment instead of leaving and staying in a shelter in order to sue the company. Why did I leave? I had been slowly brought into a state of mind control where I knew something was wrong but could hardly do anything about it.

These are the kinds of things that make me very sad and I realize that forcing me into a position where I have to write this blog gives people in academia and beyond a free source of material to steal, plagiarize and use to thier own advantage. Sheen is just a small example of this.

This is why its so dangerous and creepy that I keep getting commenters who are pushing me via harassment to write my book as well as show any and all video or audio documentation I have acquired through the years. I know its a trap just by the way its done. Someone wants to steal that book and all its contents and I am pretty sure that I wouldnt be alive to make any claims or I am going to be kept so marginalized that I wont be able to do anything about it when my life's work is stolen.

Believe it or not years ago I noticed people stealing from me in small ways. Since being targeted and having my sense of self destroyed as well as feeling like I have no ground to stand on-people stealing from me is like nothing now. I expect it. Which means I have slowly been being primed for the ultimate theft which is going to be that book. I have been conditioned to accept being exploited. When I didnt know about it, I was controllable. When I woke up from programming, it would have been no time at all to discover in school I was indeed brilliant. So the system came after me and got me under control again, this time brain washing wouldn't work so I am controlled by external forces daily.

Historically its well known among people who understand truth about human history that many of the creations that exist have been stolen from and attributed to other people. Its an ancient form of info management and deception. 'Genius' if you will, is more common than people realize either that or people from certain bloodlines or family trees are hidden in society. The working theory that seems to be commonly accepted for mind control slaves is that they all have some connection to bloodlines that are much more influential than the families and situations they belong to as mind controlled expendables. The programming makes it so that all thier multi talents are available to be utilized by programmers and handlers but the public never knows as well as the slaves themselves are never able to Willfully exert thier own power or control over thier talents or birthright. This is one of the main reasons for the beat downs as well as the horrific smear campaigns. The person MUST remain perceived of as not intelligent or enslaved somehow.

The amount of work I put out I should be being paid for.

Now I understand why they want me to go to school. It has something to do with my intelligence and abilities. I am not sure if they are trying to get me into a safe place where I can explore these things like college or if they want me to go to such a place in order to either
-smash any present or future intentions I have of using my intelligence or
-putting me somewhere that I can be controlled by academics who have the system's agenda in mind.