“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 5, 2015

China Cracks Down On Lawyers As Well As Activists-Why Has Harvard Sold Land To A Chinese Real Estate Company?

For years once a week we've seen the Free Tibet peaceful protest in Harvard Square complete with wonderful chanting.

I personally have found the energy trailing behind the older monks to leave a trail of peace and cleansing of the area. I've chased after it savoring it as it dissipates.

China has horrible human rights abuses focumented and undocumented (but with a plentitude of victim witnesses) against Tibet and its people.

Chinas human rights policies and censorship have long been in question by US citizens and the international community.


Perhaps what I have experienced as an activist as well as the changes in Harvard and around the USA relfects the workings of the country that owes much money to China as well as key pieces of land owned theoufg wealthy businessmen and private real estate.

Its the same action taken just dressed up for American consumption and done sneakily so as to go undetected in what still claims to be a democracy- for now.

(I mistyped and it came up as "democrazy". It fits.)

Oppression is being hidden under 'quality of life issues' and other corporate phrase type marketing so common nowadays.

This is what we Gen X back in the 90s were warey of. When you create a way of life based on corporations and their culture, you can market to people everything from morality to social ettiquette to politics.

It becomes a way of thinking and realitt is only reemerged by critical thinking which of course has been discouraged.