“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, November 25, 2011

Surrounded By Idiots (By Design Not By Chance)

I need a different road dog. the kid i am with now is too young, fat, somewhat lazy and doesn't have any fire inside. I want someone who actually plays guitar or wants to learn not someone who just carries one around to mess with it. I also want someone who is a sworn and serious enemy of the gs system. someone like myself who has lost so much been denied what everyone else has, and has had their lives threatened to the point where this country and this system cannot be forgiven.

I have no more patience for lazy f*ckin hippies. A metalhead with hippie tendencies is ok. As long as one understands about RA. Funny how i dont sense any part of this moron i am with now having any satanic energies at all yet he regularly lies and decieves to avoid responsibility. Without the internal fire you r just a lazy coward.

Peacable loving people piss me off after a while. Thats fine for healing and its good for fun travel but when things need to be accomplished there is no time for peace. The last manipulator i wasted ten years of my life knowing and being annoyed by at least made us money and taught me what i needed to succeed in difficult situations.

GS has ensured that i be surrounded by posers, losers and people going nowhere when my life never would have been that way if i had been left to do things my own way.

Its destroyed my health, my psychic ability and my artistic talents. All the morons that believe gs makes a stronger person need to get their heads out of their asses and stop looking to lame ass Nietzsche quotes made famous by Kieth Richards..and posers get tattoed on thier backs ("Whatever doesnt kill me makes me stronger" is a quote from Nietzsche. Whats endlessly annoying is that most f*cktards in society dont know its origin nor the author's other quotes nor work. Nietzsche hated normal 'average' people and expressed this in his work. If these same people were to tattoo his other quotes on their backs they might be quite unpopular. How about 'You dont worship God, you worship the police'. Dare you advertise that one?? I think not.
That quote is one of the most frequent sayings used to MAKE EXCUSES for abusive behavior either self inflicted or otherwise. This military minded bullshit is supposed to be for soldiers in wartime, NOT the militarization of the general public, of civilians. Another totally obnoxious quote is "Pain is weakness leaving the body". I dont even want to know the idiot responsible for that one. This statement excludes torture and abuse and brainwashes people into believing that being tormented into being mean, callous and a hardass is a positive healthy event. ITS NOT. ITS DESTRUCTIVE END OF STORY. This bs is being pushed so that we will all succumb to being strong [and silent it seems] so they can build a world wide new order. Its being sacrificed for the greed and benefit of the few. Dont be fooled.
My mother always said "Pain is your body's way of letting you know something is wrong." and I believe her. There is a time when pain is going to occur as part of growth or something positive such as working out. But these are not life or spirit damaging and UNDER OUR WILL. As a society we have been tortured and terrorized so that this becomes normalized and its purpose is to destroy gentleness and spirit and help usher in a new Satanic age, which of course is not a natural occurrence but being orchestrated by powerful people. If it were a natural process technologies, chemicals and psy ops wouldnt have to be utilized to influence outcomes.)

Being targeted has forced me to be such a loser and surrounded by people I would not have chosen to be around.

I am forced to depend on people who are not really interested in winning, just maintaining.

My mother used to get frustrated and ask why I kept falling in with idiots or dysfunctional situations like the straight jobs i would try for off and on. Well partially its the influence from her family whom only seems interested in its members who provide a white wash grtting anywhere in life and partially becuz when you are targeted intergenerationally, as in MK Ultra, the only people who will deal with you are either also targeted or lowly losers by nature(not by design such as TIs) and anyone else has you on board simply to screw you over to get a favor from the system like govt funding, a new building, hard to get grant money etc etc.