“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

L.A. Off Limits As Target...and Intelligent Human Being


These mothaf*ckas werent "making music" they are too busy being some of the most thoroughly obnoxious, racist, petty pieces of crap I have experienced since say, St Loius, MO. Riverside was ok, lovely in fact and OCCUPY was up and running for one month. Something happened today...it just got ugly and unpleasant. What happened since last week??? This element came into play, came out of nowhere and just started to creep out the area around OCCUPY. When you are targeted long enough you sense the changes.

Riverside was nice for a few days over the weekend. Then we started to go into supermarkets and laundry in run down areas a bit down the street from OCCUPY just a few blocks.

Last night I started experiencing the phenomena of hearing a song I listen to frequently, an excerpt of it, repetitively. Then of course peaceful travelers and locals we liked thinned out and jerks started showing up yesterday and more today. Then the directed conversation began at the bus stop and it was made very uncomfortable for us there.
This was NOT my experience for myself or my road dog for the past few days.

GS is like a disease, and after a while you begin to sense the symptoms early on.

San Bernidino was just a stop over for a bus thankfully but the bus ride was when I experienced the same old bs as in other urban areas where people just refuse to have anything going on locally other than being miserable, hateful and exacting revenge on poor whites (who wont be dominated) for what long time white wealthy citizens have done and continue to do to them.

When you are targeted its difficult to tell in areas like this if its a gs campaign or just assh*ledom per usual.

When dealing with this nowadays I simply ask myself if they care about these weapons and technologies being used on human beings for torture, if they recycle, if they care about the environment.

Then I recall all of the years of abuses by all black gs groups in places like Memphis TN, St Louis MO, and I know I am in the right and I am confident in my life's work.

As we see in the homeless scene repeatedly, poverty is equated with filth, ignorance, ill health and depression. This is brainwashing by the powers that be and is not 'the way it is'.

Not every black community I have experienced is negative. But SoCal seems to have a large number of whites who would rather screw around on the beaches all year long instead of face reality and blacks that have carried all the most distasteful traits with them from the south (as usual) simply to become black nasty rednecks in a new area. So it matters little where they are on the move to. When a culture allows such misery and tells its citizens basically that money and flight is the only cure for anyone involved, its yet another cop out. And blacks seem to cheat themselves more than anyone else.

And for a long time now I have been ensuring they will not cheat ME any longer.