“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two Perps In Harvard Square Homeless Shelter-Two Mentally Ill Females, Long Time Shelter Rats

OK ladies and gents, we have yet another shelter rat who's a pain in my ass and insists on being a totally insane douche.

Yolanda. Overweight energy thieving psychic vampire who of course hides behind being insane, if its not an act. Ive asked about her and she's friendly with staff at most shelters and can describe them and knows them by name.

Which means she's most likely at some point influenced by they being in on the Gang Stalking agenda to harass homeless targets who come into shelters. Which is why probably she's been on my ass since the day I set foot in here on an emergency bed.

She even tried to harass me yesterday at the Women's Center by doing stupid shit and making noise with her chair as she kept looking over to see if I noticed but I was busy with other things on computer.

These are MY spaces. I stay in Cambridge for a reason becuz its a place thats my safe zone. More and more people from Boston and the shelter system are making thier way into this area and the staff at these two places I mentioned this year are young people who are new at running these places, so the sh*theads are coming back to make rounds, knowing that the naive kids dont know who they are and cant spot thier bullshit right away.

There's also some St Pats trash here, an black annoying woman who wears black and red (of course) and has OCD. I recall she kept waking me up in the morning the few days I could tolerate staying there this winter (too moldy. Black mold real bad in bathrooms and upstairs.) by opening and closing her squeaky drawer repeatedly due to her 'disorder'.

Its not so much that I mind as her disorder of racism by wearing  black and red. And being a total self righteous asshole about disturbing people with her ocd.

She just walked out the door and smirked at me. Her name is Sam I think.

Why so many people are connected to Gang Stalking from St Pats I dont know but its always been that way.

More powerless losers who feel they are involved in something. Maybe they are Christians who are Cause Stalkers.

It would be interesting to see if they are involved in working for crooked cop networks locally (which would explain shelter involvement) or if its private black ops companies. Becuz St Pats clients or guests were heavily involved in gang stalking there and at On The Rise years ago, before OTR cleaned up thier act and got rid of staff who supported gs activities there.