“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Its Getting Harder- So Why Am I Motivated To Complete The Task Now?/Radiation Exposure

I was told I have a BENIGN (non cancerous) tumor in my left femur leg bone right below where I have bursitis in and around my hip joint. Arthritis is in its early stages in both hips, partially from overuse by carrying a backpack around the USA for six years at an advanced age.

This hurts to say the least especially the leg bone which I can tell the doctors are trying to minimize. Which is easy during the day when the system is now in full effect these days.

Its not far fetched to picture a world where we, the inconvenient or poor or whatever are going to slowly be killed off and we wont feel a thing or make a peep about it. This system, used to create super soldiers on the battle field originally by the military in black classified projects, can make you believe you are NOT in pain or that things are positive when they are actually pretty bleak, that you are energetic when actually you have been being tortured and pushed beyond your limits for YEARS,  and it can make you believe you are a normal, small person when you have been traveling the country for years encountering mind blowing things and fighting giant forces of violence and evil like a hero in tales of old.

This system can make you believe you are less significant than you are or greater than you every could be without it. It can make u feel u can go on when you shouldnt be able to.

My health was not as bad as it is now in this degenerative state before the radiation from Fukishima entered the environment and headed over to north America. I was on the west coast for most of last year- not the best judgment I ever made but I didnt understand how radiation works to destroy health.

I can feel weakness taking over my body. I can feel my bones getting weak its as if my life energy and strength are leaving my very bones. It would not surprise me that after this stage cancer comes into the picture. My mother being a radiation experimentee, my being hit for years with weapons for years (especially in 2008 where in St Louis they did so much damage that, if I had not taken an herbal regimen, I would have sustained alot more damage.
Since  my having full blown anaphylaxis to Bactrim in 2009 I can no longer take herbs as I have allergic reactions to many things, even am missing vitamins and foods from my diet as a result.) and now the effects of radiation from Fukishima and possibly other sources that we are not being told about or are not highly reported in media- my body is just becoming a victim of what seems like radiation exposure.

(I had an MRI for the leg and hip joint and unlike many years ago when I had MRIs for things the radiation from the machine effected my heart and my entire electromagnetic field it seemed. I could hardly keep myself...together, physically it felt like, during the MRI. It felt like the radiation was pulling me apart or at other times, effecting my heart beat or mental state.)

MA is a very bad place for all of this. Its basically a place where I feel like I am being killed off slowly. But where else am I supposed to go? I feel better once underground in a safe structure or after 12 midnight, both are a great relief, the greatest of course being federal holidays.

Im pushing harder than ever to get concrete legal action done while I still can to at least document what I know and report it to international authorities. Its all I can do and its the least I can do for whats left of the country and city I once loved as well as for other countries around the world also being destroyed slowly by the NWO.

Im being driven by the fact that they are so determined to destroy me now. The gang stalking is somehow much more effective with whatever is here for influence (tech, chemical). Never before have I been being so strongly held at bay from taking action or exerting my Will by the idea that I am alone and no one will believe my work.
That was never a concern before, why and how is it being made one now?

If I am going to die especially in such a manner as to have my vitality and life's energy taken from me and depleted then I am going to make sure that my job is done and that legal action is finally taken. I should have done this years ago but I just couldnt. I was too compartmentalize as well as I was under the misguided impression that I had a life as well as this project.

With the effects of Fukishima that has been taken from me.

My account of what has happened to me over these years pretty much maps out how these assholes give people cancer that they want to get rid of.