“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Heaviness In Chest Unable To Breathe-Reflux Or Perps Returning To Bush Heydays Using Poisonings?

I've had heaviness in chest and trouble breathing. Found white powder on clothes last night when came back from restroom at Mass Art. Sprayed clothes and all gear and companions gear im now using with cleansing spray. Symptoms declined. Heaviness chest decreased, memory functioned better, heart felt healthier.

Heaviness in center of chest was causing depression that was becoming crushing. Confusion, doom and gloom, defeatedness and a lot of symptoms i saw my grandfather experience with heart disease and after heart surgeries. Taxing the heart like that causes childlike behavior, crying and crushing depression.

Its been clinically proven that 'broken heartedness' in humans is due to actual changes in our heart organ due to changes in our emotional and/or spiritual states.

Been very messed up lately. And not doing well in Boston area.

It seems paranoid but the people involved in this system have depended on poisons and dosings for years. It was worse during Bush and early Obama.
I have one awful memory I can recall of Chinese working at Dunkin Donuts in Chinatown in Boston putting a white powder in to my coffee. This was early on after my gang stalking campaign went 24/7, in 2006 perhaps when I began my years of chronic homelessness by staying in shelters in Boston like Pine St Inn.
I had not been introduced to gang stalking activism yet on the internet but I knew I was being treated very badly like this sort of thing, gas from the stove being turned on in my Brighton apartment when I wasnt home, being stalked and harassed by marked police cars etc.

It wouldnt surprise me if that was tried again as a tactic. Since Ive been on probation the main content of the harassment campaigns seems to be to make me snap so that I get put into an institution but also to force me to give up my continued attempts at finishing my project. My being discredited in this area seems to be complete and to the satisfaction of the community. Trying to once again make me nuts with druggings doesnt surprise me. Making me react as I did to get arrested is basically what they did in that McDonalds anyway.