“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, December 8, 2014

Being Harassed In Brighton Again/Black Males As Mate Theme Being Used Again

11:52 PM

Being harassed once again in McDonald's on Western Ave, Brighton, MA this morning.
Black foriegn male in hallway near door standing there staring. He had no food with him but i was at a table with food still in front of me.

A large black male seemingly mentally ill not buying anything also came in staring and focusing on me. Foreign blacks males were used heavily here this morning and they were coming in and out all making it obvious I was a Target.

My backpack is small now as I'm inside temporarily. I dont appear 'homeless'. When i complained to the Latina manager she said he was a customer from earlier this morning. (?)
Usually people loitering get kicked out of a restaurant especially nowadays.

The way she handled it was unprofessional and told him i was afraid of him standing in the doorway which i corrected. She then informed me i could leave too and that i dont need to be there at the table w my food that long.

Ive encounteted multiple instances of MALES of all races loitering undisturbed in this restaurant throughout the day.

If thats what they want to allow its fine but dont f*ck with me because i pointed out someone being a creeper.

After she walked away the black foriegn male proceeded predictablty to try to agitate me into an altercation which is 50% of the gang stalking now in this area as obviously they want me to break probation and get put away. The other half is non stop harassment from blacks mostly males to keep up my reactionary racism as self defense as this would be documented on security cams as well as by witnesses.

His first insult was some broken English comment about my being a US citizen and white yet Im homeless...which is odd because like i just wrote i dont look 'homeless' right now.

It was probably a set up and I've posted before that the all South American staff here have had some employees that have done overt harassement in the past.

I simply responded with my standard one liner telling him to go back where he came from and starve to death if he doesn't like poor or any other kind of American citizens. Being African I usually add something at the end referring to the constant take over of their governments by rebels. Chinese get a reference to organ harvesting and their government's horrible human rights record, Indians are told to take a long swim in the Ganges with some dead bodies and I have others as the ending second line for many countries..to remind them why they probably left in the first place..after the first standard line of course.

This is all psy warfare counter measures. Because obviously this administration loves to use class war and create racist, white supremacist lone shooters-and if Im wrong and they aren't perps but random assh*les, these zingers work.

No one expects this type of response in an white Liberal area.

When this was occuring there were two stocky, white males sitting in the seats just at the edge of the main dining area and where i was sitting-the back dining area.
They were dressed in some clothing one would see men who had been in the military wearing but they also could have been sportsmen. Hunting or something. Shady guys.

I went and talked to the manager and said she shud understand about creeps she's a woman. She agreed but working that angle seemed to shake up the two shady white males and as i walked past i could plainly tell they were effected by my statement and utilizing bonding between females.

Remember theres ALOT of sick, bitter men involved in these campaigns. Personal motivations always help to ensure perps go after Targets with malice and effectively.

Alot of these morons also are living out fantasies by actually treating gang stalking a female Target like an organized hunt.

(During.this I was being hit with remote influence as follows):
Im being hit once again with tactics designed to push me into ending up with a black male. It's as if my companion is percieved as a spring board or stepping stone to this end result by the gang stalking system.

I can't allow this. Ive worked to hard to give into coercion and they trying to get me into a slave culture.
Having white males reject me and be weaklings in their own identity is part of the brainwash to force me into being with a black male.

Everyone is so brainwashed with PC its hard to find people who are awake who understand these are cult mind control programs as part of the NWO plan for world wide enslavement of humanity.
They haven't seen what TIs have, that blacks and foriegn blacks are heavily involved in harassment of Targets, that the continued unethical human experimentation has many African Americans involved.

Black ghettos existing in the 21st century is the greatest cover that educated, high level placed, sophisticated blacks have going for them. No one believes they are capable of being involved in such war crimes. They only see them as victims not part of the oppression.

They havent studied up on COINTELPRO and realized those agents were simply reassigned not retired. And it's easy to assume their children and families continue.

4:32 pm
(IMPORTANT: This may assist other Targets.
I noted that when I came in later to eat lunch there was a marked lack of remote influence and any presence of creepy males around. THERE WAS A LARGE GROUP OF HIGH SCHOOL AGE GIRLS IN THE MCDONALDS AND THEY WERE AT ALL DIFFERENT TABLES AROUND ME.

I think these pervert sick f*cks who do these campaigns are such professional abusers, perverts, killers and rapists that THEY AND THEIR HIGHER UP BUDDIES KNOW BETTER THAN TO MESS AROUND A PLACE WITH SCHOOL KIDS GETTING OUT AT A CERTAIN TIME, ESPECIALLY YOUNG FEMALES.

It was an eye opener for sure. Also it was a different shift working.

If it was school age males or either gender either foreign or African American in this area I would bet on some compliance with the gang stalking system (thats what ive experienced) but middle class Caucasian females. No go I guess.)