“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quietly Destroy

The campaign against me has become very sneaky. Its now mostly manipulation to keep me down/brainwashed or lead me to a horrible end. Their desired goal.

So much of the local communities are against me. I can feel the secret resentment, hatred plotting my slow sure demise quietly eminating from some of them often enough.
From the girls-jealousy seeping out of them from behind me. The women scared and dismissive yet underneath sympathetic.
It's the men you can feel hatred from. Hateful and faithful in the ongoing continued plot that they believe in and are bound to.
They breathe in and out this conspiracy. Its at their cores.

Local African American sabotuer/agitators who used to harass me are now totally non aggressive as if they went into some kind of dormant state.
Probably due to the fact that i finally reacted to being harassed by African Americans and African immigrants so heavily for years by finally snapping under pressure and writing on the side of that restaurant in Central Square Cambridge.

The street scenes are so full of informants and sell outs now.

I think the guy im with..Im still not sure about him. He's an ally but he's hard to deal with.

Im surrounded by people who have given into the system by accepting its oppression as the norm. Some are not able to seperate thenselves from the system while paying for whatever crimes they've committed. The judicial and corrections system own them.

The point is to keep the Target down. Away from any decent people on other levels of society. People who might actually be able to help the Target.
People who would be outraged if they were to know. As a perp once described the gang stalking system .."how the world really works".