“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, November 24, 2014

How Harassment Has Changed Locally/Clarity Typical Of Holidays Brings Mental Torment-System Trying To Create Self Fullfilling Prophecies


Seems the game they are playing now is to have me surrounded by what seems like normal people but they infringe on my freedom and do gang stalking just dont do obvious things to let me know thats what it is.
It's more behavior modification.

I've mixed things up so that everyone thinks im going to be in a different place than i said i was going to be and when i go outside theres no people staring at me, looking at my back pack like its strange unusual or with distaste.

Ive read that in normal spy operations its not unusual to surround ONE spy or Target who needs to be contained with 200 of the enemies spies or agents.

Ive posted this before and thats basically what is being done but alot of whats occurinf is to force me to conform-to get housed, not have a back pack or generally to daily destroy my confidence, self esteem and totally warp any accurate sense of self worth.

On these occasions where i can ditch them either by taking a vehicle away from the system that tracks a Target who walks and uses public transportation or by misinformation there is such a noticable difference in the world around me.

The environment is clear. Normal. Theres not a stream of people who are critical of me, disapproving or even noticing or focusing on me at all.
The world seems a normal place where i can walk freely and go about my business undisturbed.

No baiting, engaging, shaming, staring, brainwashing tactics.

The environment is also not disturbed by electromagnetic harassment which ive documented seems to be in the hands of police as ive experienced being hit with these technologies from a marked police vehicle in various locations.

It seems that pedestrians on trains and buses can hit TIs with tech also.

These factors make it impossible to function normally on a day to day basis.

Keep getting this ideation that im going to get framed or set up and my probation broken so that i will have to go to jail or womens prison here in MA.

This certainly puts a damper on the clear days (from being targeted or managed heavily with technologies in this area) that the holiday season brings.