“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Deadly Peace Has Returned To My Life Since Mayor Thomas Menino's Death- Why?

Thomas Menino died recently. The city loved him but thats because this city is corrupt beyond belief in the way it runs things and its wealth as well as power is largely due to these methods.

The city is now only good for YUPpies and the blacks and third world foriegn immigrants who serve them. It seems Menino took care of The Homeless as a tactic in handling this population partially because he knew that the improvement of the city pushed alot of people out but also..there must have been something else.

Menino had a great relationship with tech companies that have taken over Boston and surrounding areas. His comments about the murderers of a pizza delivery man were very telling- that they should be slowly tortured to death. His dictator like attempts to keep Chic-fil-A out of the area as a business due to thier right wing conservative political beliefs. His buddy Bloomberg attempted the same thing with his sugary drinks ban in NYC which the Supreme Court repealed.

I know what I experienced in my 20s in this city. It was real. And its interesting that my sanity and reputation were only in question as of a federal investigation around career criminals who were friends of mine and at the same time, that being used as a cover for the real reason I had to be framed and targeted-post 9-11 and the war being used as covers for continued unethical human experimentation connected to MK Ultra. I have a pedigree basically as an experimentee and mind control Survivor. My mother is a documented radiation experimentee from the '50s, both parents US Marines. The experimentation was done in an infamous MK Ultra hospital in Maryland, my mother's birthplace.
What I learned in my 20s in Boston is that very rich, powerful men here are potentially very f*cked up individuals with specific sadistic, hateful tendencies towards women. People have tried to warn me that alot of abuse of women goes on in Boston but its done in a way that no one would see, that all the perks and women who are helped or advocated for cover for the level of male abuse of females that goes on in this culture. I never saw that clearly until it was pointed out to me in just that way. The Boston area isnt so much a great place as they know how to cover thier asses really well. Great accomplishments alongside great abuses of power.

Its also a place where still there is a mentality or attitude of if you are not slick or criminal like, you lose its too bad. Still, honesty and innocence have no value. A look at Whitey Bulger debunks the myths about organized criminals protecting women and children. If that were true they why would they have been involved in prostitution rings as one of the mainstays of thier profit as well as the kiddie rings that exist behind prostitution rings?

There have also been accusations about his being connected to the Mafia but if there were any, the internet has been scrubbed clean except for some comments on threads and this is a common practice now. Ive seen it done with a big company I went up against for the moldy apartment that destroyed my health and mind for life.

Forces behind the scenes in my long ordeal have metered out justice to people such as that company, who some years later after playing dirty to make sure I signed out of court for a pittance of what I deserved for the damages-got busted for other charges and had thier name made famous all over the internet in relation to the corruption but it wasnt their history of having moldy buildings making tenants sick and leaving them with brain damage but they were punished still in some form.

I want to think that Menino was part of protecting helpless people like me but it doesnt seem the case.

His favoritism to certain devolopers through the quasi independent development authority

Aww Clinton and he are so chummy. How sweet. Isnt this the president that covered up for the Pentagon's swindle of MK Ultra survivors and radiation experimentees like my (documented) mother and myself? The great smoke out then silencing by way of some harassment-then go on and continue the experimentation/ritual abuse or forced deprogramming/reprogramming or education, seemingly by way of using private contractors to do so.

That horrible building with that pointy rooftop 111 Huntington Ave in Boston has been one of the most singular symbols of the evil that had taken over this city in the late 90s and then entirely after 9-11. It ruins the original skyline which defnined Boston for decades as a great city. Its plain evil looking. It might as well be Lex Luther's headquarters. Laughably the description of Luther in wiki is befitting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lex_Luthor Carefully crafting his public persona to avoid suspicion.
Every time I looked at that building I thought of the evil released in NYC on 9-11 and generally the darkness that has come over our city. This area still has a darkness hanging over it regularly. Its let up in past years, at certain times. In NY I can handle this better as the fallout from 9-11's horrible energy is still felt as a now constant blackened evil that is part of NY. But I know what that is..I know what its from. The takeover of Boston by such energies is different. No one had to blow anything up here..or rather, pretend to fly planes into buildings, whatever. Just building that spiky topped structure as yet another thing to interfere with Boston's natural energies was enough. It symbolized the kind of people that were taking over the city-and still hold it prisoner today from its true form and from its local residents who wont join the NWO.

At the bottom of this article there are all the other Liberal politicians cooing over Menino being so wonderful. Touching.

Menino’s Associates
Who got rich under Menino? Plus: Meet the henchmen, the departed, and the resurrected of the Menino administration.

Mega-Waterfront Development Aquarium Place Surfaces
Monday, July 15, 2013, by Tom Acitelli
"Please Build it. If Only Menino had been out of the picture many years ago this would be a great city instead of just an average city. Menino is tied in with the Mafia and has kept his "Sadam Hussein Like Reign" long enough. A new Mayor who is Pro-Business and development is very welcome here."

Menino-ism? Seriously??

"Menino added:

“Also, after reading the constitution, apparently I can’t ban guns, speech, assembly, or trials by jury.
And slavery. And poll taxes.
And also I can’t ban 18-year olds from voting.
Can you believe what’s in this thing? My party really needs to read this!!”
pamplonajack on July 26, 2012 at 4:13 PM" "

So instead he lets the tech companies he's been allowing to take over the city with the developers to go insane with electromagnetic and microwave technologies, chemical influences and endless unethical human experimentation to benefit the military industrial complex, the intel agencies and the elite after 9-11. Cities dont become great from sinking with honest hard work. Now he's dead there is so much normalcy and peace in this area. Im realizing he was a monster and its devastating what went on in this area during his being in office.


His characters shows through  in moments like this as well as his comment about thinking slow torture is how to deal with the two murderers of the pizza delivery man.

Thomas Menino's Dead, Good Riddance & Bury Him Fast

Its always going to be hard for me to tell if this monster was part of  whoever helped protect me or if he was part of the power obsessed insane group who was running this area for years.

Im always going to be suspect of the riots after the Patriots and Sox won that just happened to be during Bush and post 9-11. So much chaos and violence. Its well known that you can fix games, organized crime has been doing that always when necessary. Using these technologies and other progresses in science it would be easier than ever actually.

Boston gets a payoff from their teams finally winning and the disorder and riots that ensue only add to the chaos and violence-the world on fire as it seemed, that existed when Bush was president. Disorder gives rationale for creating order.  Creating disorder serves the purposes of those who wish to create order in a certain way to serve thier future plans.

It would be typical of mob style taking care of business to at once torture a woman while protecting her to silence her from gaining power, having a life, interfering with business affairs etc.
Also only close to Menino's death did some strange guy in McDonalds in Kenmore who claimed to know my family from the old days as well as be formerly involved in law enforcement  tell me everything about my maternal and some of my paternal family history that would have been key to my understanding what was going on for all these  years. Under the guise of preserving innocents, someone decided keeping me in the dark about my family's history was very important. My guess is that my status as an experimentee requires that I be totally ignorant of the circumstances of my own life so that I continue to be easy to control and manipulate. I also notice that family members as well as people like Menino are either dead or in positions of success where my expose when finally written, cannot touch them-or cause them to pay for thier crimes against me or any part of humanity they effected.
(btw, if you were a higher up law enforcement employee, then why are you sitting in a McDonalds every day working off of your phone? No pension, no past relationships or networking gaining you new employment??  And then of course he starts not wanting to discuss the matter again and becomes manipulative and too familiar. It looks like someone is in trouble yet again and has to work for the scum of the earth that run this system.)

Menino is dead. Elder Bush cant remember who he's talking to and supposedly Queen Elizabeth is having similar issues.

This entire ordeal feels like it never happened now he's dead and power has shifted to new administrations in Boston and Cambridge.
Yet I find myself here, at 43 years old and the best years of my life not taken from me- kept from me living them.

And now we see the great shutdown and telling victims to move on. Get normal lives. Forget what you expereinced, what you saw-what happened to you.

Anyone who has anything to tell about the Bush years and post 9-11 is obligated to do so, especially if its as severe as what I've seen.

This country is now built on things the public would never believe yet, it must be told.  For those who still care to be discouraged by the state of their country. Not everyone is resigned to accept thier fate.

Recall the perp in Mcleans in 2006-"They are mad at you because you wont accept your situation".  My mother, snidely "You can write a book but nobody's going to believe you".

A social services employee in Buffalo, NY at the assistance office- "Rachael, why dont you just go back to your grandmother's house?" (I never mentioned that address or that I had a grandmother. The dismissing way it was said. Why dont I? Because my grandmother the willful wife of a brutal pedophile and her daughter- my mother have plotted too many times, gas lighting me with partial information but then turned around and tried to suggest 'medication' becuz supposedly they miss me. THATS WHY.  Would anyone go back to a place like that? Obviously this clown didnt know much about the nature of a Survivor's biological family who are usually also under mind control, intergenerationally. They were so desperate to get me back into that environment they tried to recreate it in every place I went to settle down temporarily. I kept bucking it and fighting, moving on and leaving.
Ive said it before and I will say it again-I will only return to that house and to my family with a weapon or a nice kit to start a massive fire to get rid of any and all of them in that house, including myself if necessary. Thus I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THAT HOUSE OR SEE MY FAMILY AGAIN.

My only reason I didnt get rid of my enemies in the beginning of this as I would be nature as someone programmed (which this system tries to force you into on purpose to get rid of you) is becuz I couldnt think of a way to get Julie, Jake and my mother into the same room at the same time. Of course the people orchestrating this knew that, that I couldnt just go after one of the people closest to me that f*cked me over royally so I would have to find some other way- like getting revenge on them all if not every city across the USA where people took part in destroying my life and preventing me from doing anything meaningful. By writing about it so anyone anywhere that needs answers or hates the USA can know what happened.

What they are expecting is that by that time I will be totally marginalized, discredited and so far removed from the events in time that no one will really care anymore and it wont matter. Legally or otherwise.
Many of the people Ive observed over time definitely depend on my being 'weak' in thier perception. They arent afraid of me becuz as they kept telling me over the years through perps-I have no power.

What occurred during Bush was completely unnatural. It should be considered what people refer to as supernatural in nature yet in the 21st century its totally possible to pull off due to progress in sciences that the public remain blissfully unaware of being kept in thier little holding pens in society. Which many of them seem quite happy with.

For those that dont buy it, for people who are still hurting and have unanswered questions about why no one did anything or how it was pulled off-theres my book. Also if an abusive f*ckin peon like my mother has so much power in this that she can turn to me, a multi talented, highly intelligent, athletic, agelesss beautiful, brave woman and tell me things like that so easily, as if there are an endless stream of other f*cking assh*les like her backing her in one big pit of snakes running this thing-then it definately needs to be written.

I cannot believe the amount of douchebags involved in this system. Its every evil sniveling piece of shit with an abusive parent whos connected somehow. My mother may have been targeted all her life which explains her compliance and desperation but she's a relative nothing in the population of people involved in this. Now Ive got black and red wearing assholes on the trains here lately, perpetrating a constant gang stalking campaign, and the looks I get from them are unbelievable. The assuredness of thier superiority is totally separated from reality. Its a power trip of arrogance Ive never seen before in this. These people were always a little afraid of me, you could tell.

Its nothing more than a bunch of people who actually believe they are more powerful than the Target. Even though TIs of any value are usually super-f*ckin-heroes as creating the superman with MK Ultra and high level programming tends to create such people, duh, and it takes literally thousands of people for years to keep one of the Targeted Survivors of MK Ultra/programming from succeeding in life.

People are still going to care about why things went the way they did. And there will be, believe it or not, people who dont want to kiss Menino's ass and treat him like Boston's favorite all time emperor. Id like to think that I was protected by people during all of this but in reality, I was tortured and by many other means at different times, taken to within an inch of my life. Now everyone shuns me and hates me and treats me like a criminal when its thier system that has put me through ten years of a battlefield or obstacle course to fight for my life.

If you havent noticed America is a violent, f*cked up sick place with a now very stupefied, dumb population of people who are dangerously violent, full of themselves and arrogant with an intense sense of entitlement yet these people are unaware of exactly the true reality of their nation.

The country is too big, with too many people. Its tightly controlled through media and disinformation agents operating in different capacities, constantly. This system knows whats going on in the USA at all times in different locations. The public do not. Thier perception of the massive piece of land they live registers as clinical insanity. Most people dont have an accurate perception of the United States as a piece of land where theres some pretty unsavory stuff going on and Bostonians cant even perceive of someplace like the midwest or the military base rich southwest where so  much abuse connected to this experimentation has taken place.

This is why the American public are a nation of stupid people it seems. They simply do not actually live in or on the continent known as the United States- they live in some false environment, usually a replica of a European type of city-that has in it everything they need to survive and flourish. If they travel they do so by means that keep with this isolation or compartmentalization. They do from place A to B and experience them separately. Not often does an average person begin to have reality set in that from A to B theres actual roads and towns in between. That the entire country is connected-that theres a lot of crazy sh*t that goes on in Arizona or Neveda or New Mexico or Wyoming, in the middle of nowhere, that you cant account for as making sense or even being plausible-but it does occur.
People think of Iowa and that area as corn and farms. Its changed a lot but that area has also been a center of Satanic activity. I was much more frightened of what I experienced in Iowa than Nebraska-little kids with lots of Satanic pentagram patches thinking they are scary is a bit beneath this system's full power in other areas.
The lay of the land unfortunately includes a lot of evil going on in unthinkably cruel ways. The violence that many writers like to claim has disappeared from modern human civilization due to our wonderful value systems now and humans being so peaceable and nice and good and interested in social justice simply is NOT reality.

The same big evil exists. Evil and big time bad stuff on a grand scale is still out there, it still exists. Its not that its hiding either-YOU are. Its the citizenry that is hiding. Hiding from the truths put forward by people like me and many much more credible, upstanding citizen types as activists.

Putting forth the truth has never been a waste of time becuz someone at some point is going to use it. There will be people to recieve the outgoing message. Even if its a thousand years from now. Look at I, Claudius. He buried the truth about the history of his time becuz the official line when he was alive was of course elitist self serving bullsh*t, just like it is now.

Every time one of these sick f*cks dies, they think they got away with something. That another participant who knew too much has taken his secrets and cred as a witness with him.