“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Its Time To Plan An Escape From The USA

Ive been reduced in this area to being increasingly isolated and shunned.

This area being vein and obsessed with beauty since i shaved my head and now its grown in short and im dressing boyish in bibs ive lost alot of influence in this area.

That travel companion i had also aged me traveling for a year and i definitely look older.  This combination has me markedly hated this visit back home or what remains of it.

For health reasons I need to travel for a month then come  back,  finish my medical appointments in Boston.  Then find somewhere away from this oppressive,  psychomanaged,  horrible place to save up to leave the USA.

Hopefully I can be harassed in a culture I actually like and fit in with.

This area is doing nothing but destroying me to mold me into something that can fit jnto this area. Which i resent and should resist thoroughly.

The price of living in  the Boston area nowadays is behavior and total modification of a person as well as existing in a totally psycho-managed area.

Its so heavy handed and oppressjve that the system will have you convinced this outcome is the normal evolution of a person and their life when in fact outside the city limits,  when all forms of influence fall away,  specifically technology,  the true nature and self return.  The person return to a full awareness of reality.

Im weakened,  aged and without my feminine whiles to protect me and gain respect from this shallow society.  They thought this will make me more easily molded this time.

Once again im being hit with ideations to apply to UMass Boston,  a school I definitely do NOT wish to attend.  Perhaps years ago when i was pla ning my life after waking up from programming but now I fully understand what this country and  this city is really about why the hell wud i stay?

Thats rhe plan.  To reduce people like me to normal average stupid people who are reconditioned to be socially acceptable and fit into society then give the person a mediocre future,  one that is no way near the potential they once had.

The United States can go f$ck themselves.  They dont deserve me to even stay here as long as i have. Its been disgusting what they've done to my life and potential.

I've lately been driven to appearing mentally ill in public and increasing isolated.

They want to complete the modification obviously.

Anyone who respects truth,  reality,  Nature and human life would never allow that to happen.

I've seen what they've done to my ex Jake,  my former friend and my own mother.  All people possessing magickal gifts from their European DNA.  All destroyed to fit into the NWO.

I will escape.  America is fake.  It genocide the Natives.  This isnt my homeland... And they wont get me.

I will go starve in my ancestral homelands,  whats left before mass immigration destroys them also by design. I know there is resistance there.