“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, August 10, 2014

They Really Are Trying To Finish Us All Off Arent They..Still Determined To Leave

The harassment campaign has turned deadly serious over the past year to two years, in case you haven't noticed by the changes in my blog

They are really going for bust recently. Its really bad. And making homelessness/travelinghitching more and more difficult (which the public doesn't see its overallneffext) just makes life worse for any one targeted.

The public are pretty much compliant now thoroughly. There doesntnseem to be much dissidence left.

Terrorism, first foriegn then domestic and then a bad economy has made Americans willing to forget everythong that occurred during Bush, 9-11 etc and fully accept and comply with the NWO.

Most likely anyone in the way has been removed just as I am being driven out of the country.

The generations of kids who don't know any different or understqnd what happened have arrived into adulthood. Its completely over it seems and it's very very sad.

Hope is gone and there is no changing thing now or fixing wrong to right, no justice will ever be.

It's done.

I am presently trying to find a way out of the US..so I can be targeted lifelong in a culture I actually LIKE, most likely to die in my ancestral homelands.

I want nothing more to do with the mistake my ancestors made known as America.