“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting Hit Hard During Week Cant Function, Need To Leave For Good This Time

Time to try to travel elsewhere and find a way to leave the US again.

I am getting fried during the week in Cambridge and Boston. Its too cold to sleep outside the city limits and that's the only place  the electromagneti pollution lets up.

The city has changed over these years of me being away every winter. Its now populated by these awful norm average type middle class people with money who think they are rich becuz of some weird class  changes I am not aware of.  Probably middle class people who have shifted into upper  economic levels in order to survive the destruction  of the middle classes.

These types of people are still so without real class and insecure that they do subtle things to bully alternative people like me in public places-buses, the subway, shops everywhere. If its gang stalking its unusual tactically for perps.
This is hard enough to take but also whatever the electromagnetic influence is they've turned it way the hell up over the past year or two. The change in environmental climate for this is so obvious on Saturdays Sundays and federal holidays. During the week its really bad.
On clear days I just mentioned it feels like it used to everyday out here.

And they've completely gotten rid of the Harvard Sq street scene which is going to help destabilize Targeted Individuals and other homeless people as well.

And everyone is always spying on each other. People are always checking out what u r doing on your phone or even what paperwork people are reading or working on like in coffee shops etc.
Its become a spy society. Its really uncomfortable and ridiculous.

You can't stay focused, remember anything or function during the week when the electromag is strong.

Ever since Fukushima the rains and snows bring a craziness and depression that's crippling when the snows come but more so the rain.
One becomes very detached, flat emotionally. Withdrawn.

Just becuz it's wrong I should have to leave my hometown doesn't mean it isn't the right thing to do.

Every single time I come back here I become rendered totally ineffectual. It's time to stop repeating the same actions that give the same results which are not favorable to my goals.

There's also a core of people here who only focus on the cover story and will always believe I am just a poor person who doesn't belong in areas like Cambridge or Harvard Sq.
The little snobs who work at the MIT libraries (who aren't students BTW)  actually believe I go to use computer at MIT becuz I want to be associated with MIT's status in society.

Its becuz its a place I can use the computer for a few hours not just two like public library and its not ghetto, its quiet structured and I'm surouned by other smart people. It's where I shud have been in life had I been a normal person not an experimentee and mc slave kept down for life.

Besides. That building is more mine than anyone who passes through there. It belongs to my people-its a solid constriction reminiscent of the pyramids and other masonic works. It has Masonic energies. Why wouldn't I be attracted to it.
The Luciferian family tree has different branches. Templars, Rosicrucians, Masons etc are all related just different. We all recognize the same symbols.

These thjngs were built for us on energy lines (ley lines) and energy spots on the earth. That's what I'm 'attracted' to. Actually it seems totally normal to be in these locations. They are ours...normal people only get to take up space in them as they pass through. We are eternal in them.

This is why the NWO is destroying any and all of our symbols and structures.  So that the huge electromagnetic (false unhealthy man made magnetic fields) net they've created can take over completely without any opposition.

I realized today how much this area has eradicated the Catholic influence from the Irish, Italian and some Spanish neighborhoods that defined Boston. Its easier to bring in heartless, soulless isolating YUPpie and nigrified ghetto culture as the norm without any European influences in the way. Especially ANYTHING expressing Virgin or Mother Mary. There can be no representation of female goddesses in a military dictatorship which is inherently male in its dominating nature. Female goddeses and mother figures connect humans to Nature as well as are representative of ancient pagan Europeans.
Corporate culture can't create false environments to trap people in if they are connected to any part of their ancient past or outside the bubble like the natural world.

This is why turning to your DNA and getting assistance from the ancestors like the Oriental Asians do, is one of the only ways to beat this system, especially behavior modification.

There is no way I can function here now. Not even long enough to try to get just medical care completed or some legal help for some kind of justice for any part of what happened from 2003 onward.

There's too many YUPpies and nasty viscous new immigrants willing to make their bones in this country by doing whatever the system demands of them.

Obviously the NWO wants all European culture and history destroyed and eradicating whites who express that naturally is one of the ways to do it.

There's too many sheep who think they are being Satanic evil and hardcore by being in on this when they are just lemmings mobbing someone they are told not to like by their masters.

Too many people here still only know the cover story and believe I am a stupid poor person who's life was easily destroyed and I deserved it. I can't live with that.

Leaving for good is the only option.