“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sick Of Being Watched And Brainwashed

I'm sick of every conversation I have being listened to by spies and cameras. I'm tired of an ocean of agents in place everyday everywhere I go.

What they do to targets is to isolate us and then basically brainwash us to perform for an audience (cameras, spies etc) so that we are always giving info they need to continue everything from behavior modification to keeping us under control.

If u r made to believe u r being watched even in the shower or that while walking down the street someone is using see thru technology to view and judge your genitals or naked body, that every second this system is watching u and listening u basically start talking and acting JUST for them.

U get Stockholm Syndrome and begin to be what they want u to be not only to please them but as a way of pleading for your life-to make the torture stop.

Maybe if I please my captors they will ease up a little or it will get better.

Its a horrible life and I realize now that Americans actually agree with something like this being done to someone like me for national security and becuz I am a threat to their empire (America).

I'm sick of my life only being about going to get coffee then drudging from one homeless drop to another then MIT.
I'm sick of being watched. Everyone hates me here. People still hang on to a ten year old cover story.

America is a hateful evil place that's ruined my life and I just want to leave and stick to never coming back to Boston again this time.