“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, April 27, 2014

NYC Trip To Check Out Means Of Leaving For EU Cancelled Due To Colon Pain Other Symptoms

Tried to go to NYC. Had to come back.  Pain in colon and near incontinence becoming very bad. Nausea, loss of sex drive, fatigue, loss of appetite.

This pain had only come about a week or so ago. After I had the cold everyone homeless had where u r sick in stages. Suspiciously orderly for just a creation of nature. I say its bio warfare to try to kill off the homeless specifically outside sleepers in Cambridge.

Then I got food poisoning sick from a feed in Harvard Sq that Hope Church puts out on Wednesday nights.

I had also moved my storage from a building that was climate controlled to an adjoining one where the old wood frames have mold thats always particularly unhealthy.

Being exposed to the west coast this year for so long is a factor I'm sure. I had this kind of pain in San Diego last year when I realized I should have a colonoscopy as I had experienced rectal bleeding while staying in MA in August 2011 (after Fukushima) and then February 2012 of the next year while living in San Antonio TX.

They fixed me up but said I should watch my health.

I've had other symptoms besides this pain now. Something is very wrong. If its not a tumor or cancer maybe it can be fixed but if its cancer which I am suspecting becuz so many TIs who know too much die that way, I don't even know if I would get an honest answer or decent health care here.

This year it seems as if the powers that be in Boston/Cambridge are genuinely attempting to kill people off. The fact I couldn't really be fully aware and conscious of what was going on to go to an ER with pain and was driven to some hair brained scheme to try to go to NYC instead shows me that there's a much more serious attempt at murder here this time around.

If its cancer I know that people here will be mercilessly cruel while I am dying so I will stay away from people and the city as much as possible.  I do not want to go through treatment in such negative environments as this area. Just going to RI made it clear how many blacks here are just evil, negative and destructive influences on the lives of oppressed and homeless people in the area. As well as the regular guy union types if they know who u r and have what they believe is dirt on you. The YUPpies are polite but many are polite assholes and so many gang stalking perps are of those three demographics.

This area is just plain evil. There are however some in healthcare who actually do care and I could get treated here.

But staying out of the parameters around the city limits is imperative. The ring of fire let's call it. I've documented it before, years ago.

This is what happens when u don't follow your guidance system. A few years ago when my health was better I got the idea I should leave the country. Now its too late becuz circumstances have caused illness.

I can always leave but I would probably be leaving to die elsewhere.

Going to RI gave me clarity which I could not get here which says something in itself.
Why did I have to go a state away to realize I needed to go to an ER as well as get the hell out of the city? Instead I was getting sicker every day and walking around getting brainwashed to accept my fate by becoming a Christian.

Whoever is in charge this time around is much more murderous than in years before. And the area seems to hate me alot more than they ever did.

They've always hated me. I need to realize how much MA has always wanted me dead and they won't stop until its a reality.

Harvard Sq is a death camp for the homeless or at least the homeless TIs out there.

I realize now that the USA really has become  akin to  a Nazi death camp. The US Nazi-ified. Not militarized, not just  a soft core military dictatorship but very much what the Nazis had planned.

Men mostly wear shaved heads now as hairstyle. People are obsessed with perfection and the strongest, best and most fit to survive. Those perceived as weak, worthless, defective or overly emotional  in nature, sensitive who have no other value are being either killed off or put into re educational programs.

I understand now what was meant by that man some years ago who went postal at his job and shot his co workers, claiming he had been having inter dimensional visions, experiencing reality in and out, where his co workers appeared to him as Nazis. And his being influence by the archangel Michael. The statue of St Michael always has him with a sword holding Satan down to the ground under his foot.

Interesting isn't it that so many Jews are in on these events and activities. Perhaps the Nazis were simply an example of what was to come or this world wide NWO is modeled after their example.

Its no surprise that scientific  discoveries from projects rooted in Project Paperclip are being used heavily for the NWO.

Their ploy at handling Targets and even the homeless is to make us feel bad or ashamed or criminalize homelessness becuz society knows that there are injustices responsible for these conditions and so is diverting attention from that by making the victims feel like criminals. Its the USAs way of getting their way and being greedy without consequences.