“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 25, 2012

WLP More Recruiting or Just Typical Jabbering?

Some new harassment from an older African American lady at WLP. I told her off a few weeks ago when she tried to tell me I couldnt sit in a chair becuz she was saving it for someone who was upstairs. Since WLP has cleaned up its act considerably I think staff told her not to pull that crap anymore. She seemed pretty much over it recently. I simply forgot about her lately. Today though,all,I,heard was her mouth running in a very different way than usual. She was bitching about me, talking about how SHE doesmt need to dress nice etc, that I take so much effort blah blah, that the area I sit in everyone can see what I am doing when I get ready. Then I hear her talkin about someone's lyin ass. What strikes me as content similar to what I have heard before from perps especially shelter rat types, is that the local homeless have tried before to push the idea of my lying about being a Traveler. That I make it all up and Ive never really been anywhere, along those lines. Certainly Ive heard women in Woods Mullen years ago with Directed Conversation say that I am lying or making up everything in my blogs. Yet they also say stuff like I involved the police in my case. I cant help it if my mother has police connections and,shes been minding my business for years. Shes always,been controlling and had me watched. Shes probabky the worst stalker in this whole mess and leaving the country might be,the only way to get away from her influence. When an abusive parent doesnt want to own up to what they,have done its typical for them to try,to make the victim look bad or put the kid into a behavior modification program so nobody has to deal with the fallout from it...or the kid telling the truth. Strangley this is also what the system does when experimentees or RA survivors wake up or start to grow. This is why its very important to ignore everyone and their bullshit opinions, unless it serves to reveal the truth, and just stick to what YOU KNOW to be true. Believe me, nobody in western civilization wants to leave Oprah/American Idol/Disneyland to have to be truly soviallu responsible. I notice its very populat now to push PC, social responsibility and community but to avoid standing up to an oppressive government and corporate power structure. Carmen that idiot from,On The Rise was creeping around WLP the other day,and I,totally ignored her. I havent gone there in a year and never will again. So perhaps theres been some recruiting due,to my being smart enough to stay away from that place. Who better than someone whos pissed I,told them off? The other possibility,is,that she was actually talking about this foreign black woman who,is completely gonzo crazy and cannot stop doing her makeup and hair every minute. She is notorius for spending literally hours in bathrooms playing with the water. Shes been banned from many places becuz shes unbelievably crazy. (These are the types I want to get away from by creating an environment that exludes anyone negative and ghetto, shelter rats, steals or low functioning/severely mentally ill. Someplace where you have to pay and help maintain the place more like a hostel or squat. Ive seen shelters use this type of achievement system to quietly exclude severely mentally ill clients and sovial workers have pointed out tha set up is technically illegal becuz it excludes them. However if our funding was different...and I,want people genuinely fighting the system in there, real alternative types, not the fake Anarchist people or operatives and plants. No psychology students like at Womens Center nowadays. How is it fair that gang stalkers can infiltrate these places but true subvulture people cannot? Ive experienced people doing GS who are trying to get government funding. Ive seen perps magically get very hard to get grants for research or projects. How frickin illegal is that?) Anyway she may have been talking about this other,woman who obsesses about her appearance. Its posible. But I also felt very uncomfortable as well. I felt leeched of power confidence and energy today. Some of the,women at the table were talking about doing Voodoo yesterday also. You have no idea how real that stuff can,be...or how much its figured and played a role in Obama administration. Even getting him into office. However its nothing that a strong mind cant handle as well as recall my,advice about finding out,about your DNA becuz your ancestors wont abandon you. If certain OTHER cultures can use their native pagan powers SO CAN YOU. Remember that certain cultures PLAY DUMB in front of autjority and think they are smarter than the rest of us. Its not true, you just have to find your power within. I used some selective racial self defense tactics mostly mentally to deflect the mambo table's nonsense and then left to start my day. And let them keep thinking they are smarter.