“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Irish Have Sadly Failed/Boston Heavy GS Lately

The perps are seriously all over me on the trains. Daily. They saturate the train stations and the trains themselves.

They either believe they are oart of the black and red gang- the Democratic Obamabot, Anarchist types who believe their cult will promote world peace in the NWO.

They are either operatives and pretend to believe and promote such things or they are truly brainwashed. The entire country is definately f*cked but places like SoCal and Boston are just gonzo. These places even have tech that uses suggestion to promote the African American dominant agenda.

If this,were not true, if this is just delusion then why,have I experienced such,things only in locations heavily influenced by Democrats and Liberals?

And you,can forget Southie,or any other Irish area. Seen that pic of the Irish in power over there posing with Obama and the evil wife? All with nasty, self satisfied smirks on their faces?
NWO whores, all of them.

Due,to being oppressed by England for far too long and being brainwashed and kept down by alchohol and the Catholic Church the,Irish have over time lost any and all power they...we, once had as a people. Due to being oppressed as such they have always had a bad habit of fraternizing with African Americans as allies against the WASP power structure.

And now they want to complain about Afrivans from horribly torn countries on that continent invading our little island.

Theyve been weak and easily brainwashed for centuries by the Church and the drink. I admire the continued stubborness against the English occupation. But they are screwed up in the way they run Ireland. Thus having to  join the EU, let their leaders sell them out to the NWO agenda and that includes Bostons way of doing things lately as well.

I love having Irish DNA, especially from an old Viking settlement but,be sure that there is a distinction between different kinds of Irish.

Some remain opressed and act like slaves and some refuse to be subjegated, more resembling the Vikings and the spirit of the ancient Celts.

What is a magical, creative mind is always potentially an easily brainwashed one as well.

You,have to decide: are u a Catholic or a Celt? Are you a Viking or a slave?

They r on my ass constantly lately as they see me getting organized. they want me to leave town again for the band in my plans to create a lawsuit.