“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Effected Very Seriously Yesterday By Unknown Causes-Zombie Like State

(Please be aware that due to having low battery frequently and no longer as much access to a computer I use speech to text on my smartphone which makes frequent mistakes and renders my work unintelligble often. I will always try to edit my work later. Thanks.)

Hit very hard yesterday. This all started at my storage space, where that new guy was working as well as the General Manager came in. This new guy ever since he started I don't feel safe at my storage. After he became employed is when I started experiencing my lock on my unit unlocked and once on the floor then again unlocked. Two girls claimed to have lost the key and after seeing a guy named BB we rented a room from last summer, and telling him thier stuff was in the unit, the lock started getting messed with but also this was after this new guy was employed there. All I had to do was change the lock it never happens again. That storage place is always targeted anyway. Yesterday as I said was a specially bad. I just sat there on the floor feeling very hit.I sat there trying to fight it until I just got up and walked out trying to deal with it. I was hit so hard I was walking out in traffic etc. Totally focused on whatever this was. It felt like technology more so than anything else because there was a high level of sexual arousal and it made it extremely difficult to focus. In fact, I was on the green line train and the only thing that stopped this intense feeling of being hit very hard was when the train had to stop at Downtown Crossing due to a police action . Once again presence of the police brings relief.  I was being hit so intensely that I was sitting on the train breathing in a very laborious manor, had my eyes closed and was gripping my backpack tightly with my fist. After we sat there for a time the intensity of my being hit subsided.

I ended up walking around Boston in a zombie like state for the rest of the afternoon and evening, only able to complete my errand by sheer Will alone.

Ive  seen a lot of chem trails over Boston, multiple trails up in the sky at once. This is why I get so messed up when I stay in this location or a substantial period of time. The only thing I was capable of doing yesterday was walking to my destinations, getting on and off trains and slowly and going to my next destination to complete my errands for the day. I may have been drugged at some point by the typical delivery methods either from the outside via spray bottle (like in the good ol Bush era days) or by having food poisoned. It felt like I was being hit with something technological. It could be a combo of both or tech and whatever is in the chemtrails.

I believe I experienced the Gang Stalking to intensify is well.. People appeared to be in cars stopping in the middle of the street as they passed by to stare at me, to see if they can get a reaction course. Because of my condition all I could do was stare straight ahead into space. Therefore I have to assume the whole thing was planned because usually they don't stop in the middle of the street demanding attention.

 When I showed up Kenmore to spare change the mbta people at the gate put on this big production about being flustered when I came to the turnstiles there. It was a red sox game with a lot of people coming out of the train go to the game. I didn't know there was a game, I showed up to that location for my own purposes.

This all worked becuz I was overtired as well. I recovered to fairly normal later around 9 or 10 pm.

I must add that in addition to whatever caused the sluggish zombie like state and the high level of sexual arousal, there was emotional pain being induced or caused to rise from the heart area or where humans often feel emotional sorrow or pain. I had to keep pushing this down if you will.

The use of this emotional pain center for torture is very common within the border of the city of Boston and I have documented this before. It never happens in Cambridge. I have documented in the past that this effect can actually be felt to stop just by crossing over the Charles River bridge into Cambridge. Seems now the effect is being used in unison with other things.

I am sure they would have loved me walking in front of a car and getting hit. I believe that is what alot of this distraction is for. They are definately trying to get me to lose my possessions, loose focus and get hit by a car or forget my schedule as well as act out. I am sure they got my zombie reaction on vid yesterday.
So here is MY side of the story.