“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Overt GS Tactics At My Storage Place

Experienced overt harassment at my,storage place from multiple people who,have a unit there. They looked at me walking by,and a white male, 20s or 30s said "Look" to the others. He then,began whistling which is something male perps frequently do in past few months. The guy certainly wasnt whistling before or after. The storage unit is 2-116 at my south,Boston storage. Before they saw who I was walking by earlier I,heard them saying,something about gloves. That one of the males was going to ask someone about thwm, and that the gloves were on eBay. He then said he was going to go to The Commission and check out desks. A woman memtioned there was a brand name printer there. After they saw me, said look and a male whistled, I went into bathroom to wash out,a piece of clothing. Someone knocked and as I said Id be right out a male said ok. As I walked out a female from the group was right against the door as if she was listening or trying to peek through the crack in the door. There was a u-haul outside,in front of the door and there was a childs toy on,the edge and a singluar black male handling some of the loading or unloading of the truck. The gfoup at the space that haassed me were all white he the only black. After I walked out of the bathroom and saw how close,she was to the door, she gave a fake apology but when I looked in her eyes, you could tell she it wasnt real and that she was harassing me. I believe that many,of the human services in Boston are linked to an urban community where crime such as prostitution and drugs regularly supplements government assistance and grants. Ive found during the early campaign here during Bush that shelters regulaely assist pimps and criminals running crime out of,shelters namely Pine Street Inn. These are closely aligned with crooked cops. Recall the infamous ACORN video on YouTube where employees were giving advice to an undercover pretending to be a pimp on how to get away with a prostitution ring consisting of UNDERAGE FOREIGN GIRLS. The urban community cloaks career criminals, white collar crime and syndicates under a facade of helplessness, need and poverty. Its a part of the system is the problem, its legit. The Irish may pay off,the cops,for ticket scalping etc but its done overtly. And their image is more independent. African American communities are hidden,by white liberals by being immersed in a welfare system that cloaks organized crime that communities benefit from. They may,also do GS to get or keep good goverment funding. The people that did,this,to me here today looked guilty as hell when I walked by. The Commission might mean The Boston Public Health Commission who are as crooked as they come. (Woods Mullen and Long Island shelter are TBPHC. Ive blogged about harassment for years in those places. All ghetto, the worst people go to these wet shelters. Staff are very screwed up people who regularly lie to and handle clients. Total houseslave/jail scene.) Ive had a few incidents of very overt GS at this facility from people who rent other units. Its infrequent but when it happens its real obvious. One other group looked like musicians.

Today there were two young women who saw me earlier when I,arrived. When they spotted me they got real quiet and then giggled a bit then went on a long, shallow conversation about their lives, including admiring a mutual friemd who has her whole career planned out.