“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Is It So Important I Dont Piss Off Bill Clinton?

I just posted a spoof on Hillary from two older posts I had on draft. I wondered how that would turn out.

I get this alot and have throughout. That posting anything unpleasant about Bill Clinton is a definate no no.

I even had this one instance of a song in my head that came up during something I was going to post or do I forget but it was about Clinton.

"Dont mess with Bill"..that old 50's song.

I keep getting this idea that he is responsible for my protection. That he did us great favors by putting together the President's Advisory Committee On Radiation Experiments.

There is no US president one can be genuinely mad at. Its obvious that one is...'groomed' for the part from birth or before. Bush simply took the theatre way too far thats all.
I cant imagine the responsibilities, having to die with all that history you are responsible for. Its an insane job.

But what am I suppose to do? I dont like the parameters that have been drawn so I must blast through them. Clinton is sensitive at times about his presidency which is fine. Him going after that journalist was interesting.
He revealed I think that many people like Bin Laden and the like seem to be gone after only when the unseen powers that shape history are good and ready to hand that over to a certain president for the history books.

We get it. Its all planned. We know. Timing is everything. Yes, spooks suck. They help run things and this system.

I suppose I have a soft spot for the Clintons as he did make it possible to be able to at least have the Committee's findings to go on and the documentation. And during his presidency I certainly had a fun time, if you want to call it that. The country seemed as peaceful as I remember it. Ford was too much partying, the grown ups were a total mess. Carter was...during the rotting of the gut of America. Cities began to rot out and the gas crisis with the flags. Things just got ugly.

Reagan was a bitch and scared us kids into thinking we were going to die in a nuclear war. Then Bush came in and suprisingly, due to his focus seeming to be on foriegn affairs, it was a time I felt, untouched by anything he was doing. However, I have to say that my life personally, looking back, did get just as 'weird' during those years as they did when his son was in office. In fact, I had gotten my life together leaving home and forces- things you wouldnt believe, drove me into a partying lifestyle, one that I never really wanted. 89 to 93. Not really good years. I thought they were good but they were all about slavery. 89 was good. The rest of it was terrible. In comparison to what though? I was set up with a powerful and protective (if not exploitative) career criminal who became a mentor and friend and I did ok and was protected for a time. But I was controlled by others.

1993....Clinton got in. I suppose these were truly the best years becuz I got clean and starting figuring things out, trying to deprogram but I didnt know thats what I was doing. It was all working out, until about 1997. Thats when things got difficult. Then in 2003 or 4 the campaign went 24/7. I do recall though, during the elder Bush's presidency, strange things did occur. I was living in Littleton MA for a time in 1990. I was almost run off the road by a truck, the typical 'weirdos' kept showing up...yeah. It was pretty bad. But hadnt it always been? All I can say is during Bush at least I made money and was protected.

During Clinton I got strong and made many changes to my life and could actually grow.

Clinton also seemed like a poltician who had the strength of a Republican type person without being a total fascist dickhead. Many Democrats reek of weakness and they always have this disheveled 70's look that bugs me. Republicans are always clean cut, thier clothes well pulled together with sharp lines in design. They look stronger. But thier stances on abortion and other things are a bit over the line for me.
Most Democrats seem to indulge the poor and allow things like abortion to go too far. They dont account for humans being lazy, greedy, stupid or careless. Republicans dont seem to account for humans being kept down or existing in a system that doesnt work. I always feel like instead of putting forth an approach where they want to help people get on thier feet and better themselves, they would rather pull the rug out from under you. That does not make me feel secure with Republicans. Then again, most Democrats make me want to vomit.

Clinton had this way of seeming sane. The Clintons I think were every Centralists dream team.

And now the definition of both Republican and Democrat in America has changed. Both seem like new creatures to me. And I dislike both new versions.

What scares me is that Romney is going to appear to people to be the porridge that isnt too hot or too cold- both of which they have had to endure since 2001. And being human they just want a comfort zone.

But I know and others like me, what was done to get him in this position. And its very scary and totally insane. Maybe if I was old enough to have experienced people being targeted into not showing up at the PACOHRE in 95, like my own mother for instance, I would have been just as creeped out as I am now.

Whatever I was shown during the Bush administration, specifically during Hayden's time as CIA head, is way beyond the scope of what reality is supposed to be. Its more than I was ever exposed to in any years of my life prior. Unless I simply dont recall such ordeals.

Something about the time of Clinton is hopeful and stays so to this day. I am annoyed with Hillary as I percieve her as a traitor serving under a racist like Obama. I guess she can serve in a power postion this way if the country doesnt want her to be president.

It only serves to further disingrate the hopes and dreams of white women eveywhere to have to see her only be able to excersise power either behind Bill or behind Obama and..ugh, that wife of his.

I will never forgive my country putting the black man (and his insufferable wife) before me, especially after making it so clear that he is concerned with the African agenda and associated with a church that is totally unacceptable. It would be different if her were from strictly American stock and a peacable person.

For Hillary to have to have power this way tells white women that they can only have power if they stand in line behind the black male, specifically a black citizenry that is allowed to be concerned with Africa's agenda as part of thier identity.

Then its not my country anymore then.

Its obvious that Clinton was the last president interested in validating or making life any good for poor EuroAmericans. A president that reflected us being worthy creatures at all.

The last two adminstrations have shown us that America does not want us anymore. And Romney is going to reflect something even worse.

So perhaps this is why I have a hard time with anything that disses Clinton. I always felt badly about one of the videos thats on my YouTube that uses video images of him alot. Its like it was personal or something.
Like I always get guilted for doing anything do diss Clinton. Its outright weird.

Maybe someone somewhere wants Survivors to use what they can from the Committee in 95 and try to go back to bat legally over this. To finalize justice. To get it right this time.

With all that is in use to prevent this from happening now its a near impossible task.

I dont want to insult any president. I am sure the people who are destroying America love when TI's turn on their country. But when the country becomes evil and makes unreasonable demands on its people, what are we supposed to do? You cant attack your own people to such an extent and expect them to be loyal.
Its an impossible puzzle now. One we are not allowed to solve, even though we have all the pieces. With the methods of mind control and psycho management of society right now, the pieces just get lost in one's pocket. And one forgets how they went together.