“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reader Comments 5/20/12

"The comments she made about the pedos being our neighbors is a bit alarming, because that's usually the way to get people nosing in to other peoples lives. Also it is also how they get people to join in on the groupstalking by planting seeds of the target being a pedo. Women in general have been brainwashed to think, and always fear they will be victim of a serial killer, or pedo. In actuality what are the chances of really being victim of that. It disrupts natural selection, and helps groupstalkers become the desirable ones. If a target is pushed to the point to appear crazy, or wild eyed with a temper all women will fear them, in affect giving the groupstalkers the benefit of picking their mates because they appear to be the trustworthy ones.
By ---- on MA New Police Chief Is Familiar on 4/19/12"

Very good. Thank you M---! Lately there is alot of activity in media aimed to get me to calm down and join society- to view the previously 'bad guys' as now being on my side. This interview worked up until I read your comment or I wasnt sure and thought maybe they were thinking on our level finally. I think having a female in charge also puts women like me off guard.

I just learned that from a female being in charge at MIT and now a male comes in. Already they want to take computer privileges away from the public. I now see that having Obama in charge of the country and females in charge of institutions or forces that were previously seen as being malecentric in thier GS motives or approaches HAS BEEN JUST A WAY TO BUY TIME AND CALM MANY TARGETS INTO COMPLACENCY, of course so Romney can get in and bring back Bush policies and Neocon insanity.

Its already too late but thanks for getting me hip.
"Kinda like David Lawson, who advocates stepping on the toes of "fake police officers" or spilling coffee on them or laughing in their face. And he "rode" with perp groups. But most targets now now that those are real police officers who are going along with harassing targets. So spilling coffee on them, stepping on their toes, or whatever is definitely not a good idea. In real life, the target is surrounded by real professionals who are in on their stalking and harassment. This whole stepping on toes and laughing at supposed perps sounds like what perps sometimes do to targets. The book could be a brainwashing to get targets to make themselves look like perps or get them in trouble.
By Anonymous on Chuck Palahniuk-Another Smartass on 3/23/12 "

Yeah, those were stupid, heady days. When alot of the 2003 TI's, those of us whose campaigns went 24-7 then, were very easily confused and under alot of mind control during Bush.
Not the greatest advice from a person in police like work really. It doesnt really fit the nature of someone who's a private detective. They usually have a more serious nature yet one less rigid than an officer. Looking back at it now, I hate to admit its funny. Its ridiculous in fact.

And actually, if anyone ever wants to see what TI's have for evidence of harassment and set ups- this book serves as one big piece of evidence for a covert campaign of disinfo to lead us astray and against our own interests. So does ever dumb comment on blogs and especially YouTube. It shows there is active harassment based on the content.

There's lots of evidence right in front of our faces they dont want us to know we can use to create our case.
"Sigh. I know about about those sorts of places. Somtimes if you remain calm, though, instead of getting pissed off and yelling at them seems to work. I was in a Subway at Wal Mart over here (not MO) but the harassment was similar. There were a huge number of Wal Mart employees in there, and I heard this great big group laugh as soon as I walked into the place. Got a little intimidated, but I managed to calm myself. The way I approached it was to just resign myself to the fact that these people are basically under a huge group delusion. They live by false premises and beliefs, and I resigned myself to the fact that there is nothing I can do to stop their irrational hate, superiority, whatever it is over me. I did enjoy myself, because I sat in a seat far enough away from them. When I saw them leaving, they looked like they felt kind of bad. It's hard to believe that this many employees had to take a break right at 9:38AM, and that it just so happened to be the time I walked into the place. They live in a false reality. Romney may get in, but it won't change the fact that he is getting in using highly unethical means via his money and riches. Don't let them bother you. They do think they're superman x1000, when they are really superman divided by 1000. Just visualize themselves as mediocre insecure nobodies with a chip implanted to make them think they are somebodies, and this chip was programmed by the ilk of people vouching for or working for Romney. They will bother you and stress you out, which is what they do to me, but you can still have your time to smell the roses. This is your time to shine amidst the programmed sewer rats who think they're clean supreme gods. The more you put on the hardass vibe, the more they're going to get an edge over you. They are drunken with power because they have managed to convince themselves all these false pretenses around you and them are real. The human mind can be programmed to see delusions and sincerely believe them instead of reality. Putting on the hardass vibe may validate what they are doing. The only thing they have on their side is that there are a large number of delusional schmucks who are in severe need of culture and an education. And by education I don't mean school, I mean the type of education where they see how tiny THEY are to the real realities out there. They are nothings. Ignore them. They try this shit with me all the freaking time.
By Anonymous on Immediate And Heavy Harassment In Mt Vernon, Misso... on 3/22/12"

Dont worry. Soon enough if Romney gets in, they wont be seeing anything of me nor my Boston attitude around, anywhere in the USA. If he doesnt, I am going to use four more years of at least managable living to sue to sh*t out of everyone responsible- for everthing thats happened along the way. Even seeing if I can sue the states for using tech on thier citizens. Either way, I aint gonna be thier bitch like they want in 2013.
Thanks for the pep talk as well. ;)
"It looks like the system has no problems whatsoever with picking targets and making them mentally ill and having them threaten the president or whatever. Then they will just dispose of the target like he is just some weirdo who needs taken down. The Western Psych. shooting seems to fit the pattern of the other lone shootings, the person seems very mentally disturbed (and maybe he is) and has some target or persons he is fixated on going after with the intent of killing. The other part is that this killing is done in such a way that cops are sure to kill the killer after he is done knocking off his targets.
By Anonymous on http://targetedsurvivor.blogspot.com/2012/03/stalk... on 3/18/12"

Yeah, but I actually document when I am pushed that far. If every lone shooter had a blog and discussed, documented and tried to explain to the public how this starts off with being targeted and how it progresses then perhaps many of the sad events of violence that followed could have been either prevented or avoided altogether. I dont see anyone pulling me into a paddywagon from the state hospital with white coats becuz I wrote how pissed I was at Romney and how I dont think I can take that much humiliation if he wins.
I think people understand. Remember there are alot of very wealthy people and powerful people and academics who get targeted themselves. They just have the resources to keep their heads above water throughout. The system cant push them to these limits though I believe they perhaps commit suicide more often but thats just a guess.
I also believe that the authorities who arent involved understand what psychological pressure can do. If I shot someone right now, I know that a great part of society would not blame me at all, not one bit. But it remains that I WOULD STILL HAVE TO BE TRIED FOR MY CRIME AND BE SENTENCED ETC. Thats why its not worth it to take the action even though you are pushed to that desperate point.
You wont really gain anything from it.

And actually murdering someone...ever see the state of mind these returning vets are in? I saw another one on a train a few nights ago. I can tell they are all out there and whacky, looking for parties and adventures to avoid thinking about what really happened 'back there'. Another generation of men effected this way. I look at Susan Hockfield and anyone at MIT, the Military Industrial Tool school, that produces so many tools for this industry of death and suffering- and I dont see anyone who is as adversely effected.

The head of DARPA, that awful woman whos family has been in this for years she looks calm and content doesnt she?

I hope on thier death beds, they finally know what they've done to humanity.

There's no point in cursing yourself further with a murder-suicide. And this system WILL push you at some point, almost so you cant control it. It happened to me that way in St Louis when East St L was the most dangerous city in America. 'They' were there, believe me. I can attest to the fact that they create a large amount of horror and chaos in an area. 'They' can do this. I have lived through it.

Its no surprise that I was drawn to very dangerous areas by the gang stalking system like the border near Juarez Mexico, East St Louis, etc. I realize that this system has a strong hold in these areas.

Destroy the towers, not other humans.