“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Fake Christian Comments On Natives

"Well the natives were probably not very reasonable, or logical so people that came here probably thought it easier to rid the land of them. Those were some strange customs for a white man to accept, especially one coming here to escape from europes pagan witches. So they probably thought it a good idea to exterminate, or keep them out of their villages. Taking peyote isn't a white mans idea of starting anew either. Plain and simple, they were in the way, and elimination of a people who put curses, and do weird shit, who would care, I certainly don't.
By Anonymous on America Is Built On Theivery, Why Expect Any Diffe... on 5/9/12 "

You are an idiot. Seriously? LOL, European peoples were like the Natives before the burning times, when the Inquisition terrorized people into going along with whatever nonsense the Catholic Church put out. You need to put down that bible for a while and become "logical" and "reasonable" and read some history books instead.

(No, its reasonable to do cocaine and other drugs that have been perverted by chemists for profit INSTEAD of poppy tea or coca leaves in their plant form. Better yet, just take psych meds instead of any of that. Instead of looking into why you feel the way you do or perhaps that various kinds of pollution are destroying your species. Yeah, modern man is a real whiz).

"Pagan witches"? Are you serious? I dont think Columbus or Leif Ericson/Eric the Red came here to get away from pagan witches. Columbus did work for the king of Spain and they probably, like all royalty had lots of magicians, secret service people and oracles working for them to help them realize thier goals of greed and world domination. Kind of like today's corporate 'royalty'. Discovering the already inhabited Americas was one of those actions to further thier riches.

Also, you sound like you are refering to the Pilgrims. Again lots of people had come over here before that including Spain down in Mexico area. Who gives a f*ck what the Pilgrims were up to? From the people Ive met who are on the social register due to having thier ancestors on the Mayflower, they are the ones who seem like Satanic types, not godly. If there even is such a thing possible for human animals.

Listen, Nature and trying to generate a GENUINE high quality of life for you and your community is what you need to live by. Not some Abrahamic godhead creation hailing from the minds of foriegn madmen from the Middle East, or a Italian-Jew like Jesus was. Christianity just rips off the Babylonian cult of the moon goddess, the sun god and the child created by the two- The Trinity was created here by this.

All Abrahamic religions have been proven to be rip offs or contain other older religious beliefs. Why else would man need to shed blood in the name of a god or gods that supposedly preach peace, no murder and feed your fellow man and love your neighbor? Man's nature is to murder thier neighbor, take his food and 'love' his wife. The sooner man faces this reality the sooner he can get on with being cautious about his animal nature and keeping it in line.

The Church has destroyed countless European cultures. It is a murdering, lying, raping cult of foolishness that needs to be destroyed as do all Abrahamic religions on this planet. Good for the believers in these that are truly good people but so much about these systems allow for evil men to hide and claim rightousness. ENOUGH.

I care. I love Natives peoples. Even many African countries, thier people are much nicer than Americans. Depends on the country over there. But I truly love Asiatic decended Native peoples. Thats becuz they've discovered the only place in Europe where such similar DNA exists is Lithuania, and I am partially this. These are, in a sense, my brethren. I dont care that Mexicans are in on gang stalking to a ridiculous degree or that Natives hate Americans on thier soil. Laughibly, like Jews, they always do something to betray themselves and assist me, as if the old gods or some DNA similarity is working quietly in the backround. (Jews are very Eastern European in DNA even though they like to stick by Creationism).

You can't break up the old gods' peoples. You cant destroy brothers of the North, the Slavs, the Germanic peoples or the Celts. The Asians nor the Hindus or Indians. Nor the Persian peoples. Every ancient culture will survive in some form to fight and maybe not even know that is what they are doing.

All the new, fake religions can do is to cause them to infight and turn on one another.

Satanism...well, sometimes if they are frustrated in a very pagan based area like Scandinavia its simply a reaction to the invading Christians who still insist on having Middle Eastern religious sensibilities far away from where they belong. Yet, this reactionary belief system leads where? Its anti-human and I can see that as useful in part sometimes, but not as a system to follow at all times, for life.

"Curses"? Curses are European settlers made sick and ignorant by organized religions that created conditions that then spawned endless sickness, starvation, disease and suffering for the people of Europe-showing up to the Americas briging with them diseases the Natives had no immunity to, alchohol they still dont have the enzymes to break down, violence and greed. Cutting a Native's skin off simply to see how sharp your knife is- now THAT is arrogance and disregard. THEY SETTLERS OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE MILITARY AND EXPLORERS WHO HELPED 'DISCOVER' AMERICA TORTURED, GENOCIDED, RAPED, SOLD INTO SLAVERY, SEX TRAFFICKED THE NATIVES OF THE AMERICAS and are still insisting on abusing such peoples for sex, drug growing, production and running as well as if there is any natural resource found on thier reserved land.

The use of the Cubans/Columbians and other Native American peoples in the 80's to bring drug gangs here, then tolerate them and turn a blind eye, launder ALL of the money they produced, gladly (banks, US government and anyone who sold them goods or services for cash) THEN CREATE ONE OF THE BLOODIEST DRUG GANG WARS THE USA HAS EVER SEEN SO THAT THEY COULD SEIZE THIER LAND AND ASSETS AS PART OF THAT AND THE 'WAR ON DRUGS' thus completing their sleazy long term plot to EXPLOIT these poor Native peasant peoples for thier labor and thier lives TO MAKE MIAMI INTO THE VERY RICH, SUCCESSFUL PLACE IT IS TODAY.
And if you drive through mid to lower Florida, you can pick up the worst vibe of a large scale human sacrifice ever to be felt outside of going past NYC shortly after the towers blew up or whatever happened on 9-11-01.

Wake up and realize that America and Europe- your wonderful 'Christian/Catholic/Judaic' nations and peoples, exploit anyone and everyone they can do make their wealth and run thier lives. The only reason they no longer try to do it to each other (and they still do- Norway, you are smart: DONT join the EU. Let em all drag each other down by themselves) is becuz due to having history together they are hip to how this works. Didnt Rome seek only to occupy, invade and enslave Celtic and Germanic peoples?

Native peoples also did this to each other, believe me, its just that Europeans seem to have the most effective system historically. Thats all. But MONOTHEISTIC ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS dont exactly help matters by masking all the evil men do. How people can live as they do even just in America and go to thier churches on Sunday is beyond me. There's alot to be said for brainwashing, thats all I can say.

Don't ever send another negative comment about Native peoples or, unlike attacks on me, I WILL start trying to find out who you are. Native peoples of the northern hemisphere are the only ones left who remember anything about what really matters. If only the white man would wake up to his pagan past we might actually create a peaceful world.
And now this bullshit attempt at trying to get rid of all religion to create some whacked out NWO, where I cant imagine how ridiculous the belief systems are going to be.

Only comment on this blog if you are a responsible Christian not a fanatical one. Its YOU that are inhumane and evil. At least when dealing with Satanists, I can see my enemy clearly. Kinda like prefering Bush to Obama. Both pieces of sh*t but at least one has the balls to man up to the position of dictator- no race cards, no bitch wife helping to run things and thank god for a few years without Hillary Clinton flopping her jowls around trying to be The Most Interesting Man In The World..................................................................

...in a Columbian bar somewhere while Secret Servicemen rip of 40 dollar whores.

I bet Bush and co pay thier whores without balking, male or otherwise. THAT'S the difference and that's the difference between you and Satanists.

Fake Christian.
(No I am not a Christian, but they can be helpful, if they arent going by words but by being spiritual. Fanatical right winger or people who go by the word alone seem to be more akin to terrorists than anyone helpful to preventing the enslavement of mankind.)