“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reader Gives Up Not Sure If He Was Truly A TI To Begin With

"Nick O here, brayvo777 from youtube, I hope you remember me. I would have responded to your youtube but they are making it harder to communicate on there (as you probably know by now, you can't send messages to other users). I have been following your blog lately. I will pray for you in hope that this will stop for you, for good, so you can live you life the way you want. I hope your internal bleeding stops too. You have inspired my dream to become a counselor instead of an artist for what i want to do with my life. I started taking pills for my diagnosed schizo-affective last year and i am sober 4 months now. The pills made me gain weight along with quitting pot, alcohol and cigarettes. Even though i don't believe what was happening to me was real, and only in my head, i still consider myself to be an ex-TI and i can relate to a degree. I am still paranoid to this day but just not about the gangstalking. You are very smart, strong and a great writer. I just checked out your other blogs today again, it's been about a year since i did that. I read your "skepticism for targeted individuals" but didn't really understand it, am eager to know what the difference is between being paranoid and a TI is. I wish i could help you, and I believe you are going through some rough, terrible, atrocious times. I can't imagine how it is for you. Please hang in there and don't suicide. PS I am a dissendent as well. My grandfather was in the CIA.
By Anonymous on Police Connect Workplace Violence To Gang Stalking... on 5/11/12 "

Guess what? I dont smoke or drink. I smoked occasionally as medicinal but dont do that anymore either. And that never changes my situation. I am a TI for specific motives most of them to perpetuate a cover up. Its not dependent on my state of mind.

After I got clean in 95 they came after me. I was hit with tech so I would have to go to a psychiatrist for 'panic attacks' and other BS medical stuff too. It all disappeared when I left the state. Now they dont dare even try to hit me with this nonsense. Ive blogged enough about those symptoms to show that they were tech induced.

I will NEVER, ever get labeled of my own accord. You've given up. I dont want to inspire you to do anything. I dont care what you do. You are a not a soldier. You are obviously just an average human being, which some of us out here cannot afford to be.

If you dont understand my blogs then you dont need to be reading them. If you dont know why you are targeted then maybe you were never targeted in the first place. I understand firmly my situation. I have dirt on important people in Boston and I also have a parent who is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra- closely.

I have no doubts about my own sanity. Either you were never truly a TI but mentally ill or they got to you good before you could understand your situation. Good luck.