“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 20, 2012

More On The MIT Decision To Not Allow Public Access For Over Two Hours A Day

The info was leaked to me but I am skeptical of the way this was done. Its like they know I am going to write this. It feels very manipulative.

Again, I have to consider the fact that I am always being handled. No one like me in this climate in this country nowadays is going to be treated with respect as first class citizen. And people are very good at 'handling' people like me nowadays, almost like they've been trained.

I am sure that they are told that we either have very mild mental illness or that we are the types who dont conform to normal society and are rebellling and its very unpopular to be out with authority these days. This is why alot of TIs and activists have this sentiment that the country is 'done' or that the culture is totally screwed for good. Becuz there is a sense of this quiet agreement among the people who do consider themselves a legit part of 'normal' society, that we are now defined strictly as not a part of. And that marginalization is final. And there is segregation but its done covertly and with alot of handling and tact.

Alot of it is based on people like me being uneducated, unworldly, poor or poverty minded, not socialized properly etc. For us, this culture is one big prison we move about in yearly. Yet everywhere you go its the same. And it seems quite hopeless due to of course many of the things I mention in my work.

People are being handed this idea that this is all due to the 70's overly tolerant culture towards the poor etc. When in fact, people like me are targeted to BE POOR and be kept down becuz we are the rebels in a country that is now occupied by corporate culture and being controlled by covert means with military grade technologies, methods and tactics.
Having to live as a rebel in a democratic society that will not allow any admitting of the truth about keeping its rebels and whistle blowers at bay with such methods is the world's greatest mindf*ck in existence. It would be alot easier to exist as a rebel in some country where you carry a rifle, live under a banner, starve up in some mountain hideout and die at the hands of the military or government eventually. This is much much worse. Becuz you live as a hero, as a rebel, doing what you know is right against a totalitarian, fascist whatever the correct term is- system, and you actually have to pretend its actually about being poor, homeless and high functioning mentally ill perhaps JUST SO YOU DONT GET OUTRIGHT LABELED.

This is why I want to leave my country. The public has been trained and they cant be made aware. There are thousands of Targeted Individuals living as homeless people, some of whom know thier situation and become rebels or activists and sadly, others who fall into the most severe mental illness and decay due to not understanding the reality of thier situation.

Why do you think I am targeted so hard? Becuz they know a woman like me would take care of her people. I have no children, always wanted my family to be decent and am very territorial and maternal. They know a female like me would build a nest that is a fortress, and then negotiate with the oppressor from within, with my people safely inside or at least create a better system which is thier worst nightmare. I know that first statement sounds like a cult leader- in fact every cult thats ended badly with a shootout with the feds. Does that tell you something? Yes, it tells you that like Jonestown, alot of these cults are on purpose, CIA monitored or even part of human experimentation. They are most likely put through the rigors of GS and this is why they end badly. Its all a set up from the get to.

They know at my most diplomatic I would insist on thier being homeless clubhouses or places where high functioning locals and Travelers could go to have a houseless community away from the idiots that screw everything up due to thier behavior being so bad.
Also I would want improvements to existing homeless shelters. I would want to create advocacy from the inside of our community not from outsiders. THE SYSTEM HERE DOES NOT WANT THAT. I can only assume its becuz they know damn well about the existence of Targeted Individuals making up a huge part of the homeless and houseless Traveler population. Letting lose whistleblowers, victim witnesses and experimentees would go against the purpose of targeting these people to begin with.

Recall what that Mexican said to me while I was in San Antonio: "..you can be controlled". That is thier sole purpose and they are not going to mess up a system that works for them so well.

The public are mystefied by the industries where they hide thier victims: prostitution, drugs, prisons and the homeless. Isnt it interesting that most people find themselves, by force, shifted from one of these to another, usually by being targeted and through no fault of thier own.

If anyone honestly believes that someone like me should be homeless then do the math and probblity again. No one who looks like me, has my intelligence and talent and communications skills should be homeless for this long or at all. At the very least, some well to do American male should have helped me out of the gutter by now, last resort but still a possibly scenerio.

This is all by design. And I am sick of it. Instead of changing thier system that is completely wrong they wish to change individuals instead. This is why so many of us say America is done. Becuz you cant even exist as an autonomous individual anymore. And thats real. Ive traveled many cities over these years and there is something seriously wrong with the high level of concentrated conformity, lack of liveliness, originality or creativity in the streets of the cities. Looking at it from a distance, one sees just a population of humans that are far to peaceful and calm to be normal, all dressed the same way, surrounded by corporate culture and its symbols. Slowly floating by each other, as if in a dream. This is not life. These people are not alive nor are these cities alive.

And any such place that allows for an alternative community usually does so with great pains to them as alot of the worst elements of this cause alot of problems for mainstream people, thus once again making us all look bad.

It used to be that in the old days, judgement calls were made by shop owners etc to see who was 'cool' to be allowed and who wasnt. If you were fairly sane and considerate and active, you were fine. If you were a complete mental case who wasnt amusing or doing something worthy, just state hospital material, you certainly wouldnt be allowed in any place.


Thus in the cities we are always screwed over by the ghetto types, the crack heads and the truly severely mentally ill and dumb white trash kids. What is so suspect is that there isnt any kind of collective for people like me, people who are working towards actually doing something, working on an alternative lifestyle that can work around the current system. WHY?

Becuz we are targeted so heavily that we are unable to do so. Youve seen the posts on my blogs. Do I not oscilate daily depending on location especially, between being a reasonable person and going off the deep end, especially lately? Now, mainstream society specifically the homeless culture that exists to handle people like me, is going to stand by the claim that this is due to my 'mental illness' worsening. As one homeless advocate mentioned "As these people get sicker...". Western society will not admit to the use of the same methods as Iran, China, East Germany or the USSR to handle and destroy its dissidents and victims of human rights atrocities. They always refuse to take responsibility for overt war crimes anyway so why admit to covert ones-things you can keep quiet.

They are satisfied to tell themselves its sickness. Sickness of the mind. And actually its American culture that is so very sick, in many ways. I dont ever want to have to believe ever again in my life in something like 'retail therapy'. This culture only wants consumers and that is more true now than ever before.

Its all they want. Its even the base of behavior modification for people like me. This is why you see many commenters (perps really) saying things like 'I would just give up Rachael, might as well get a job'. Instead of trying to expose war crimes? ARE YOU INSANE?? They want people who will work, pay taxes, own property and BUY THINGS to make themselves feel validated and complete. Right now in human history, in this country THAT IS ALL THEY WANT.

I can personally testify to instances here in MA in this area where the content of my behavior modification was just that-to drive me towards those goals only. Ive experienced this as part of the manipulation I experience. In TX also.

You can try to fight this, but when? On Sundays and from 12 midnight to 6 am weekdays and Saturday? I cant keep that kind of schedule with my health and resources- believe me, Ive considered fighting them that way. Ive considered alot of extreme alternative living situations just to beat thier system. If I were younger physically I could do it but I wouldnt be able to think of it most likely being younger mentally.

I have been told that getting dissidents to leave the country is part of gang stalking. So what? The person said it to me as if that was a reason to stay here. To be stubborn. What is the point in that? Its not going to work. The people like thier country this way and the powers that be want it this way. I dont see why staying and fighting is going to work. Its also impossible nowadays becuz of the way the tech is so prevelant now. ITS UNBEATABLE. The cocktail of chemtrails, flouride, stalking and harassment along with the technologies is an unbeatable system of managing this country. THERE IS NO WAY TO BEAT IT EXCEPT TO STAY ON THE ROAD TRAVELING. Being on highways, in a truck with no satellite is the only peace Ive had. I dont know if its the movement, it seems to have alot to do with it being in motion at certain speeds, as well as changing states in a small amount of time.

If this is the only freedom available from this prison, if this and perhaps wi fi and cell phone dead zones are the only way out, I will take the way out of the entire place. There has got to be someplace that hasnt yet been wired up like the USA or, they respect human rights in reality, not just pretending to while committing war crimes as well as art is important to them. Its very telling that this is happening in a society that has a low value on art in daily life. Even when you watch Canadian TV on the border you see how they value art more.

I was warned by perps this country is now completely military obsessed. The public isnt aware, they only live in the reality of corporate culture, where they are kept by the military. Obviously this is true as the original plans for mass mind control are outlined in the 80's paper Mind War.

Then again, much military activity has now been privatized- by corporations. A military corporate empire now runs the country and they havent the same accountability to the people that a government run military does.

Good luck. I am no longer going to waste my time fighting on the front lines of this for a society that seems very happy with the results as well as I am always alone out here. I cant relate to anyone.

Like I said, I am going to see if I can sue for any of this and after that, I just want to leave. Probably I wont be able to follow through as I cant get much done due to the intensity of the tech and GS. But I am going to try.