“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seeing Squatter Locals Move On As Travelers

I've seen some of the local squatter kids, the good kids not the uppity poser brats, graduate to becoming real Travelers. It reminds me that the Traveler community would never put up with the bullshit that the poser kids put out. They cant handle joining that community becuz they know they'll get the piss beaten out of them and rejected for being full of shit and gensrally bad kids.

When I,say,bad I,dont mean what society deems bad but what Travelers deem so. Uncooperative, non community minded, intolerant of quirks, personal style, differences in schedule or travel style or personal taste, rude, deceptive, mobbing and generally being legit society's little house slave to further their agendas. All the while posing as a Traveler or Squatter- wearing the clothes, the hair styles and looking the part.

Rarely do these types of kids go anywhere and if they do,its either very,short lived or they do so only with other kids like them from their little poser group.

The lomger they,stay on the road the more they will become acclemated to the culture therefore unable to be full of shit any longer.
They culture itself, just the nature of it, does not allow for people to remain as they were. This is why poser Squatter kids like some that are in Harvard pretty much stay where they are.

They dont want to change, dont want to grow.

Every kid I see that becomes a legit Traveler is always a oerson who was true. They werent conniving little bastards in any,way.

Becuz if rhey try,that shit long enough on the,road someone is going,to scare the shit,out of,them and they will have to come home crying or become a bit less like mainstrsam society.

The pronlem is in normal society,people like this can hide especially,if,rhey,have money. In the Traveler communuty olemty of kids have money-but being a shit head will still get you beat up.

Its great.