“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And did I add that you cant very well solve crime or bust cases if you dont give people subpoenas and try instead to set them up for drugs with the help of rich kids and have them mobbed for diversion? (So they leave town, look more suspect of being involved in something and then commit suicide, so you hope, then you can blame a bunch of sh*t on them they dont deserve.

Obviously MA doesnt want anyone uncovering thier real dirty laundry, just the selected pieces they choose to hang out, for good measure of course.

Which is especially true when it was all so close to NY and Florida, so close to 9-11. We dont want to dig too deeply do we?


Keep on laughing it up. Keep on thinking you won. Keep being part of the IN crowd. There are alot of places overseas that I know dont think anything America has done is funny. And its they that my book will appeal to most.

The fallout of the Iraq war just doesnt touch you does it? You dont care. All you care about is being selfish while others are exploited and die for you.

So many places in the world hates cities like Boston and its surrounding over privileged suburbs. I know that. I've talked to people from Eastern Europe and other places. America is scary, nonsensical and violent, greedy, insane and heartless.

Yes, yes it is. Very much so.