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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Newton: A Major Player City In Destroying My LIfe In MA/ Those Who Can Pay Will Never Be Busted: The Reality of Your NWO

"Based on statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Newton under Mayor Cohen's leadership was the nation's safest city during 2003, 2004 and 2005,[3] and the fourth safest city in the nation in 2006.[4] The designation is based on crime statistics in six categories: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and auto theft."
Yeah, when you have a gang stalking presence like they do, you are bound to have a safe city. Kind of like NY that has a questionably cozy relationship with the CIA. And after Newton MA was so important in the federal investigation around friends of my old associates, and in 2005 yielded busts from money laundering with drugs involving Phoenix AZ, I am sure there was an intelligence or fed presence there ever since then.

Well isnt that how Newton has ALWAYS been? With all the gang stalking I have seen there over the years, one might expect that is exactly where they were heading anyway. Newton has always aimed for this. They were horrible snobs thirty years ago and they are today.
The GS as of last summer was just as intense there as during Bush, so obviously they are connected to something more than just your normal town's agenda.

They are getting a very good nice new school. Part of building a rich ass place only elite can afford I assume. The mayor that was in office is leaving over it. Aww my tears are just falling!

What do you expect from a place that considers Chomsky speeches potentially dangerous?
Give me a f*cking break.

Why not give yourself a raise when the city is in financial crisis? Theres enough to be made helping gang stalk targets right? And I am sure one of the reasons they are even getting an expensive piece of masonic structure is becuz they were so pivotal in the attempted frame up of me during the federal investigation as well as in harassing me in NA meetings and gang stalking me whenever I even get near Newton since then.

And that is a bit too much of a coincidence for me to think its just paranoia. I'm sure this is also in hopes that only a smart TI will catch onto this and want to do something stupid like blow up some building.
Its always so premeditated with these people.

I suppose there was some good from Newton too.

I believe there was something about a librarian who told the feds they had to wait to get a warrant on one of thier computers who is infamous in Newton (yes, Jews can be especially rebellious against authority just as they can go along with abuse of it with a bit of intimidation and appeals to thier greed.)
In fact, one sweet older Jewish mom type tried to warn me about what was going on in Newton surrounding my being targeted. She said "There's money in Newton...hidden money". The local art center had a group of people really getting off on my being destroyed and she saw what was going on and had the class to never show up there again while they were mobbing me. Much respect and love to her, she assisted in my survival.)

Here is the librarian story:

And here is a nice bit of revenge from more recent news:

Well when they actually start arresting and busting some of those elite types who are the ones they want to live in Newton and the rest of Boston exclusively, then we can say something is actually being done. Just thier rep being disturbed as a perfect little city where everyone is so much better than people like me is enough to make feel better for a few minutes anyway. '

However this is often a ploy to make it appear as if you are cleaning up an area, which is suspect considering they are being accused by the mayor of going elitist.
Its what America does nowadays. They throw a few suckers and Useful Idiots in front of the public so that the heavies dont get paid attention to anymore, and usually those people have been instructed to put thier money into something or move away somewhere that will allow them to continue to not be caught on the radar.

I was targeted yet my old associate seemed to be getting fed information that told her to put money into a house right away and move out of the city. She even had kids on a sort of schedule it seemed, so when her BU professor friend wrote that book during Bush that served as a PR move to make her look socially acceptable, her lifestyle fit right into what it was supposed to be to avoid detection or pissing anyone off.

Romney and people like him who are were in charge of MA at the time and have been in charge of this country are making it look like they clean up crime but THEY FAVOR ANYONE WHO CAN AFFORD VICES.

All the system is doing is upping the bar on who can get away with things. Its part of the NWO and its part of going global.
What would going world class be if you didnt have world class level perverts, pedos and drug runners?? LOL.

And the public will think that all this getting rid of Qaddafi, Bin Laden and low level pedos, dealers etc is creating a wonderful perfect world especially if only rich wonderful people (who are obviously better people right?) can live in rich wonderful areas.


Until they admit to the use of technologies and mass mind control as well as targeting individuals for scapegoating and diversion, and only cleaning up crime selectively....until they admit to holding aces up thier sleeves while claiming to make the game 'fair' and 'Equal' and 'Diverse' and PC for everybody in the whole wide world- YOU ARE BEING LIED TO AND THEY ARE GOING TO SCREW YOU.

If you want to live on their plantation as a happy house slave with a fairly good life as long as you go along with their deceptions, you do that. There are those of us that have seen so much we are just disgusted and want no part of their zoo. Even if the cages are made of gold.
Then again, Americans have always loved Dizneyworld. And they are creating one. Becuz none of this is real. Its all bullshit.

I can tell you from experience how many perverts work at MIT as professors or live in Newton, or even Wellesley for that matter. I know that there are very suspect men living in places like Lexington who speak inappropriately of children.
But becuz they own textile mills and businesses THEY WILL NEVER BE BUSTED.
Librarians and other lowly people get busted- not the people who can pay.

Have fun in the dreamland. I am packing for Europe where people are more adult and dont expect a sanitized perfect world therefore dont turn on innocent people who represent corruption and claim such things can never exist. Like me for instance.