“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MIT President Changes From Elitist GE Female To Venezuelan Jew..Who Cares?

Susan Hockfield, as you might recall, is the current president of MIT and has been since 2004 a year very important to many a TI. Its when the system seemed to jump into full throttle in having campaigns turn 24-7, dangerous, out of control and lethal.

Ive posted that she is the daughter of a GE executive and herself had the same job in her lifetime. I did not know however that she was a scientist at Yale in Connecticut. The infamous college of the Bush crime family as well as Skull And Bones secret society.
She also went to school in MI for a good part of her educattion.

The Bush crime family had all thier bases and key points covered during thier terrorizing and take over of America it seems. Neocons in key Liberal areas like MA and NY and a woman with ties to Yale, MI (Romney) and GE, a major military industrial contractor, at MIT. And that isnt even my total research into who was in charge in key areas. He had Harvard covered too, at least during his presidency.


Interesting how she is stepping down just as Romney is most likely going to be stepping into the presidency of the USA.

She's leaving MIT. Stepping down and a male professor is becoming the 17th president. Venezuelan born L. Rafael Reif, the son of Eastern European Jewish immigrants.

Well, lets hope life will be a little easier around my way at least until November, when most likely I will have to do alot more than just escape being driven to suicide by leaving my hometown and going across the country for years on end- this time its going to have to be leaving my home country and going across Europe and probably hiding beyond that, possibly for the remainder of my life.

I'll know in November.

But Susan Hockfield reminds me of a lot of people involved in my campaign around this area. She sort of reminds me of Dr Emmerich my psychiatrist who after a weak attempt at trying to protect me, turned on me. Even the perps were shocked at how damaging her letter was that lied outright about me, and detailed things not in medical records.

She has that same issue of never having been attractive in her whole damn life so naturally is a hater. She also has the older woman jealousy syndrome potential, a very ugly post-menopausal state of mind that I hope desperately to avoid like the Black Plague in my own later years. She also carries herself like a horrible snob, not the new money kind who one can snicker at and not take seriously but the kind who actually knows where power lies and how to use it. Old money powers, real power.

She actually looks like one of the forefathers...of you squint hard.

She probably believes in the rich and hates the poor just like every other person of her caliber. What a fun and productive (and profitable it seems salary wise) eight years its been. And in order to calculate how many years that was, I had to use my fingers. Becuz I was denied an education not only in my youth in the Boston school system during the racial war zones of bussing desegregation but also during Bush when I felt ready to take on math finally and grow as never before- and after years of practical life experience, I could have done so in earnest.

But instead, due to the actions of everyone- great and small, involved, I now still have the math skills of a third grader. Its been funny to watch young stupid kids as perps spying on me in places like Berkeley CA when I try to calculate my funds, and have to use my fingers, and you can hear them say "Oh COME ON!" becuz obviously some asshole has told them and thier intelligence or FBI bosses that I am some sort of drug cartel math wiz ready to start the next version of Al Quaeda in the USA or some other total bullshit.
I cant even fucking spell it. Thanks to brain damage from that moldy apartment and years of harassment.

Thanks to all of this whatever skills and intelligence I did have are gone and any I could have improved or grown with will never be.
I know I was smart enough to have gone to MIT or any school like this. My cousin is a genetic engineer and my dad's family has scientists and artists.

But I am supposed to just sit here and accept my fate as this total scapegoat. So everyone else can move on. So everyone else can get paid. So everyone else can have lives while I get labeled for simply wanting to go to a hypnotist during a federal investigation where I was then 'inconvenient' for two major reasons- one was potentially being able to testify in the invesgitation locally and the other was yet another Survivor was going to recover memories, without a therapist and my mother is a documented MK Ultra/radiation experimentee and they dont want any more RA connected to that. They are hoping that the 'Satanic Panic' concept as well as the False Memory Syndrome theory and foundation takes care of any and all claims by Survivors as well as closing the book on MK Ultra and the radiation experiments even though it was never done properly becuz they intimidated people like my mother into not showing up at all.

People like Susan Hockfield and MIT help hide this disgusting world wide cult of abuse, unethical human experimentation, pedophilia and way too rich and powerful assh*les who get what they want all the damn time.

As long as the public doesnt know, and she keeps up a good front as does everyone at these 'prestigious' institutions, they think no one will believe someone like me or care.
Maybe so, maybe people would rather exist as they had in a fuedal system and kiss the king's ass up in the castle even though they knew damn well what horrors were going on there. Let the common people rot in this country if they STILL want to exist in such a system.

Boston and Cambridge are going to pay one day. I dont know how or by what means. But they will. Something keeps telling me they will. Some...feeling that one day, they will all get thiers for what they have done. MIT, Harvard and all the local uppity assholes who thought they could just crush people like me and walk off into the sunset with such a corrupt system of over priveledge intact.

That may have been the case before Bush came along- even his father wasnt this insane and destructive or he knew how to do such things with a bit more artfulness and tact. These people and thier goons were out of control during Bush, and they need to pay for it.

It doesnt matter who is in office- in the presidency of the country or of a university. They will always now use the technologies in place to keep society 'managed' and preserve thier places in the 'elite' in a world where the public are getting ever more hip to what their game is.

Why do you think THEY have to be in charge of creating a one world order? SO THAT THE PEOPLE DONT GET TOGETHER BY ORGANIZING THEMSELVES FIRST. This is why we had to be beaten and dumbed down first. Well, YOU, not me. Even with all the damage, I make SURE I dont get caught in any nets, and will for life.