“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Boston Keeps Trying To Escape Its Fate

Boston thinks its so superior. So many people only looking in shop windows to see their own reflections.

Such a bunch of oblivious a-holes.

You're full of scumbags. Your police and fire might as well be full blown overt organized crime gangsters, so you hide behind the images of Childrens Hospital and the colleges and your sports obsessions.

The fire and police think they can just do whatever they,want.

I am just using,u. I am here to get what u owe me, and then I am leaving and I will take any opportunities to destroy,you in future anyway I can.

Youre scum with,far too much money priveledge and protection and the rest of,the country knows. They,know what you are...and they HATE you. (If they know anything at all about whats really going on in the world).

You,think during Bush you can just be one of the most out of,control, worst cities with gang stalking and use of these weapons and technologies as well as human experimentation?

You keep threatwning me with a life of lonliness and that no one is going to believe me.

I,dont care about your society. You are scum and you deserve to be told on. You deserve to have some account or,documentation of your war crimes and crimes against humanity.

No matter how many people you keep sending to make me feel bad or try,to keep me in a state of mind control via brainwashing THIS IS GOING TO BE.

This is one timeline of events YOU CANT influence out of existwnce.