“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 19, 2012

United States First B*tches Throughout History

Yes, yes I referred to the candidates wives as bitches.

But it occured to me that I did so becuz every First Lady since I can remember has seemed...well, BITCHY.

There are quite amusing stories about Jackie O. abusing the help etc.

Nancy Reagan wasnt quite a bitch but she almost registered as one as she was ultimately annoying but didnt seem to care as well was always looking frighteningly undernourished.
Just Say No! anti drug campaigns while your administration is involved in Iran Contra? Are you INSANE??
What did the United States Of America's natal chart have to say about that event, eh Nancy?

Barbara Bush's comments about poor people will never be forgotten but what does one expect from a female descendent who so resembles her relative Vlad The Impaler (Dracula)?

Laura Bush: ..."I think the President Of The United States deserves RESPECT.."
Not this one, honey. Annoying!
(There's a difference between fear and respect. People you've long considered Greaseballs know this-why dont you?)

Ive had quite enough of the current first lady. She thinks no one sees how much of a party shes having being in such a power position, an obvious and typical case of revenge for all those years of having to be far less attractive, lacking in booty and a nerd. Dance on those graves Michelle! Mambo down with Hillary til the party's over!!!!

Lets see...I know that LadyBird Johnson was one. Ugh.
Just that one photo from the airplane quickie inauguration. You know...the ones that show Johnson winking at the Texas millionaire....while Jackie is in shock, still upset and yet remaining dignified. LadyBird cdrtainly appears to be Satan's spawn in those pics.

Ford's wife. Anyone who can keep up and hang out with that viscous Studio 54 crowd has to be capable of being difficult-to say the least.

Hillary. Well already covered her latest embarassment of White women everywhere with her current behavior with the Obamas not to mention perverted (and cheap) Secret Servicemen...ripping of famous comic book artist Stan Lee was the final straw for me.
You can f*ck the public over and fool them..but dont mess with artists. I'm sure she'll get hers for screwing with one of the creator gods..the true elite of humanity-The Artist.

She may have played it cool in the 90s before the NWO was being pushed,openly but in recent years believe we've seen her true colors.

Carter's wife. Dont remember her. Hmm..ok, inviting Larry Flint to hang out. Thats enough I guess.
And why in photographs of all the presidents is Carter always put to one side by himself? Probably becuz hes a somewhat normal human being...which isnt popular nowadays at all.

So why are America's First Ladies always 'bitches'?

I often suspect they are actually running the country while their husbands stand in.
How many wars or policies have been influenced because of late night nagging in the presidential bedroom?
It would be interesting to see how much influence these women truly had over America's affairs.

Perhaps we should just be electing them directly, eh?