“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mitt Romney And Obama Is All Thats Left

Romney is worth 200 million? I suppose anyone he goes after or dislikes is supposed to be intimidated by that.
Him and people like him-was I supposed to be scared all this time? So this is why the public dont fight back against these people. You actually believe that net worth has ultimate power.

To me alot of these guys are just the same insecure monkeys in suits Ive been dealing with for years. THEY ARE JUST MEN.

The public is going to let people like this take over? The people create their own traps by percieving these people as truly having an unbeatable source of ultimate power.
Youve actually sold out the United States Of America and even your culture becuz these f*©&#¢ have money? Are you serious???

Whatever then Im sorry, I thought I was fighting for a nation under seige, oppressed.
I now see its been full of the walking dead for years.

Wow....seriously? For real?!

Well ok then. Just vote psychoboy into office and I am gone. Not a problem.


How do you like the two remaining choices, eh? Its like having no choice at all isnt it? And this is the worst case of this Ive seen yet.

America hasnt simply been humbled its had to finalize learning to live with constant disappointment.
America has been targeted.Slandered, hated, gang stalked and then exploited until its half dead by the people in power who know that the US really didnt deserve this.

Well its four more years of the racist, Africa obssesed black and red wearing skinny bastard with the racist, arrogant evil, bitch wife and blacks nationwide being insufferable thinking theyve reached the promise land, even though they still live in ghettos.
Its George Bush's next clone to take the throne in his long running reign of the US, complete with another Repubublican neocon bitch who hates poor people. Complete with connections to a people who have some extremely strange things going on out in the,southwest. LDS will be validated and put on the map for good. We'll never be able to get rid of it.

I cannot believe that ceratain powers that be can create a literal living hell on earth, and hardly anyone sees this. I simply cannot believe this.

If you accept Mitt Romney as president you will seal over everything Bush and company,have done since late Clinton to destroy and enslave this country. You agree to accept it. You no longer dispute it. Its going to be like nothing ever happened.

Can you live with that as a US citizen? Becuz I cannot.