“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 18, 2012

Two New Developments In Harassment-One Documented And One With Witnesses

Well I have found out two instances of harassment lately and corrected at least one.

I have discovered that last summer here in Harvard Sq Cambridge was in fact gang stalking not just locals mobbing me. There is a young couple who mocked me etc along with a group that was present last summer. Jenna and Scott, two little brats, as is what has become the kinds of kids who frequent Harvard as of a last year. IF THEY ARE ENGAGING IN GANG STALKING THEN I MY THEORY ABOUT HARVARD BEING BLOWN UP BY CARELESS OBNOXIOUS HOMELESS PEOPLE BY DESIGN NOT RANDOMLY CARRIES MORE WEIGHT.

The one lie she was caught in was that she herself and others kept telling me that she was in the military and this is where she got her money from, a settlement with the US Military. Which made no sense becuz she seemed far too young to have served long enough as well as had time to then sue and get a settlement.

I was told by trusted sources that her daddy, WHO IS CORPORATE, is the source of her money. Her ever loaded bank account.'

Also this was the crowd that had two women, a couple, a young underage lesbian and an older tranny, who befriended me, screwed me for money on my storage, and were in that horrible apartment with me last summer with a very sexist, sort of abusive male named BB, who kept saying his brother was US Marines.
That is the apartment in Dorchester that I was gang stalked with cars sitting outside the window to look into the porch into the apartment. Its all blogged last summer.

There are others involved I will finish this later.

ALso I found out that San Antionio TX totally screwed with my information and almost got me in trouble as well as possily had some assistance taken from me.