“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leaving MA For Good and Not Seeking Health Care Is Only Solution

An acquaintance of mine took me to her place of work to eat a few days ago, a hip hot dog joint. After eating onion rings and a hot dog with a sub roll bun, I had the worst pain of any time prior with this health issue I have been having.
It felt like the portion of my intestines thats been hurting and uncomfortable was going to burst and it hurt.

I switched to no solid food until night when I have a salad.

This has made me feel better. But I feel there is still a health issue thats going to worsen.

Since I was terrorized by Dr Gunta at Boston Medical Center and in the past have been harassed by NEMC now Tufts Medical as well as gang stalked during Bush at Beth Israel and treated the worst imaginable by Mass General Hospital (all Harvard affiliated except for BMC which is Boston University. They were good to me last year but I guess this year is different becuz Dr Gunta did alot of damage emotionally and mentally with that exam and the way I was treated. She did not seem abusive or aggressive last year.

So all the hospitals here are mostly Harvard affiliated. There is no way I can get treated fairly here wherever I go anyway. I suppose I thought becuz of the way I was treated last year this would be one place where they wouldnt kill me on the operating table if I needed surgery. Now I dont even have what it takes to go to make an appointment. With anyone, anywhere.

Once again, the tech, gang stalking and feeling squeezed between YUPpies and aggressive, obnoxious, self righteous Boston blacks (as well as abused by whatever the hell is wrong with Red Sox fans nowadays. They are extremely f*cked up. Ive never seen people come into the city for an event who are so judgmental, abusive, rude, privileged and arrogant. The super elite rich kids from the Frats and Sororities act a hundred times better than they do. They're disgusting.) has made me become tired, sick, overweight, drained and feeling like I have nothing left inside and basically brain dead as long as I stay in the city of Boston.

Strangley, when in Cambridge I feel ok in comparison. Perhaps its becuz they are different cities and the administrations are technically different. When near certain areas of Cambridge I feel supported in telling my story or getting legal help to see if any of this can be accounted for legally or with a lawsuit. But when in Boston I feel like I am being told constantly that no one will believe me, I am already percieved as discredited etc etc. The whole routine to make me want to just leave the country and not even get health care before I go.

I cant just stay in Cambridge forever. So the best I can do is to leave the state. Once again MA has won and not only nuetralized me but made it impossible for me to make any moves against them in my own self defense. This happens every single time I come back here and I think its about time I learn my lesson once and for all.

Whatever tech, chemicals and gang stalking that Boston uses is unbeatable. I've described what happens to be each time I return to this city, repeatedly over many years time. It is simply unable to be worked through. This is probably becuz there are so many bad memories here for me and this is basically where they ripped me from my true timeline and blew my mind with the things they did after isolating me and basically abducting me into this system, then getting me to travel around the country etc. Its impossible for me to function somewhere that I have to always face my life now after this 'abduction' into this system and my life how it was especially what I was trying to craft it into.

Its too mind blowing to deal with. That power they have here over me personally as a TI as well as the tech, chemcals and gang stalking they use makes this place totally unbeatable, unable to be managed, gotten around or over or under. There is no way to ace the system here. Thus, I can never get justice for myself from this location.
Plus the specifics to Boston and Cambridge's class/racial situation and set up gets me so pissed off, feeling oppressed and powerless that the place is completely unable to be navigated. Poor whites simply do NOT have any power here unless they are hooked into a union and that means coming from a familiarity like a specific area, usually one thats ethnically defined or someplace that survives the class/race sqeecrimeze by being ethnically defined like an Italian neighborhood, East Boston now Spanish, Southie (without the benefit of and union connections).

This area basically belongs to the elite, wanna be elites like snobby YUPpies and their house slaves the black population, the Asians and the Jews. EuroAmericans that are still able to ethnically define themselves have aquired long term power mostly through organzed crime (Italian, Irish) over last hundred years, Irish also be becoming cops (and then also having a connection to organized crime).

I have decided to leave the country while ignoring my health issue. Its the only way out. This way I can perhaps get help oversears. If not, it will kill me, therefore I can never be accused of committing suicide and it wont screw up anything spiritually. (I dont mean any Judeo-Christian beliefs. Its something different. If I commited suicide I'd be unable to continue as I am after death. I'd basically be destroyed.)

So leaving the USA is the priority. There is no place in the US where I am not harassed or targeted heavily with tech. Unless there is no cell reception and i am too sick and tired to know where those places are. Usually certain apartment or condo complexes have no cell reception. Or out in the middle of nowhere.

Its obvious I am getting very sick becuz I am gaining weight and am tired constantly as well as the inability to think straight and focus etc and the having to change to no solid food to survive.

I know the public just hates me becuz they are too damn stupid and ignorant to know theyve been manipulated. They dont deserve to know the truth anyways. Only the people like me who are targeted Survivors deserve the truth. The public might feel bad if I died but like all stupid, dumb apes, they would only realize what they did after it was too late and I am not playing with my life like that. I know damn well that most of the public are worthless stupid chimps who have been lied to and they are too brainwashed to know right from wrong. They will believe anything as long as they can continue to be fed the bullshit that is Ameican culture.

This country has become absolutely disgusting. Its totally surreal, its not even America anymore. Its degenerated and devolved into something I dont even want to be around anymore. Its also impossible to navigate through. Other places other than MA and the northeast are more bearable and much more fun, tolerant and understand how to live and have a good life better than this place where everyone's head is up thier ass all the time.
However, no matter where you go the tech or gang stalking makes it impossible to have any real life. I can never reach my full potential and I will never have a high quality of life.

I have been around the United States. There is no place that isnt covered by this system.

A man from a country in Eastern Europe a few days ago said Russia was the only country resisting American culture setting a standard for them. He claimed his country since the fall of Communism is absolutely miserable becuz the people now have to keep up with American set prices for goods on alot less money than Americans make to live.
Its another disgusting f*ck over of some foreign land so we can take over the world and police everything, most likely under the guise of furthering Democracy or something. Pathetic.

This Pentagon born mantra of 'Disconnection Is Danger' bullshit concerning countries that refuse to let us hijack them basically is just another deception of paranoia to help create a one world order. Good, go for it. I will be hiding somewhere away from this disgusting system.
They are destroying cultures, countries and individuals to get everyone in line with the NW Order. Morons.

Obviously as I have experienced they will beat you down until you cooperate. I believe they are going to try to keep this campaign up becuz they feel eventually when i face death with no health care I will finally give in. I must ensure that never happens.

Ive given up completely on the American public for the most part. Down in TX I seemed to have some sympathizers. In the northeast here they just hate my guts is all.

Alot of America seems totally sucked into the deception and they seem to like it that way.
Becuz they dont know everything thats going on just what they are told, they believe that and believe in the system when in fact the system is very manipulative, deceptive and exploitative of them and many peoples overseas. Its impossible to convince them otherwise. If it all wasnt so outrageous what they are doing especially since Bush and 9-11 I wouldnt even try as hard as I do. These technologies are dangerous. The public does not know about them its kept from them and they are told not to believe any of this is real even though the documentation exists. There is also a chance they are so far into being brainwashed that they truly believe that ANYTHING is necessary for both national security and this world peace bringing NWO.

I cant take them anymore. The people nationally who are in on gang stalking are really determined to get THIER WAY and the innocent public are REALLY stupid about whats actually going on, Its just too ridiculous to continue on with here in the USA.

I am sure I can get the healthcare I need in some other state or in some other country. If not, then I did things the right way all along and didnt give in to the torture and abuse trying to make me confess information that if it was really desired SHOULD HAVE BEEN GOTTEN WITH A SUBPEONA. This has all been to test MK Ultra or their new toys or whatever.

The people behind this are the world's worst assholes ever and they need to be away from me so they dont have quite so much influence.

If Romney gets in, I am going to end up being so pissed this is going to turn into the movie The Dead Zone and I am being pushed to that still, alot. I am not going to become the world's first female lone shooter. And I am just so sure that after my pathetic attempt that I will conveniently be shot so I cant testify to being pushed and harassed into this much pressure.

Being female I am not afraid to just run away and retreat to rat on this system from another location....far from MAssholes, Romney, the Bush crime family. (Yeah, Britain is out. It seems more Illuminati than here. I know they have cameras everywhere. Theyve always been fairly oppressive, dont want a worse version of Boston.)

I keep getting strong urges and ideations to get a lawyer. Like just pick on randomly. Then I also get alot of things that keep me down and keep me from looking up lawyers and especially doing so in a sensible manner.