“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 14, 2012

Joni Mitchell Analyzes From An Artistic And Philosophical View-Its Just Science and Technomancy, No Mysteries


Shes correct in her observations of course. Yet there are reasons beyond generalities for these things occuring.
Reagan came shortly after AIDS...the party was definerly over and knowing what I do about our parents it was akin to them waking up hungover to the sun in their eyes, and that never again returning to lala land again. People were completely freaked out you could tell.All of a sudden society was demandimg they get their shit together, and they were always self preservationists in the 70s anyway so this followed suit.

The powers that be engineer these changes knowing how different populations will react. They study similar populations in history to predict reactions and outcomes and I am sure with all the research and computer tech available to perform complex math they can probably run things down to the detail.

As far as generartions afterwards Gen X did alot including resistance which was called Slacking. We were essentially shut down by GW Bush, 9-11 and the Iraq war. Ive read articles claiming that many Gen Xers have become conservative and conformist since then-they did it to our parents and now to us. Scare people into falling in line.
And this as well as the current youth seemingly not being able to move or rebel, is due to the use of mind control- of the masses and of individuals. Technologies are now used as well as chemicals and that includes the psych meds these kids are all put on as well as studies have shown their generations innoculations and imminization shots cause autism in lab animals. (Natural News), flouride and of course chemtrails.

An entire generation of kids immunized that way then put in front of big screen tvs with satellite or cable, the computer and wifi which is one of the most damaging things out there now, then fed psych meds, raised in anti terror paranoia by hovering parents, kept inside to play video games that are now designed to reach way to far into the human conscousness than should even be legal (it makes tripping on LSD seem tame) and finally MINDWAR-the influence from those damn towers, wifi routers, HAARP etc.
They arent even human. They are a total breakdown of the evolution of mankind culturally and otherwise for hundreds of years past.
They are born tech native and plugged in-they are simple, manageable and not a threat to the NWOs creation.

Why create Hitler youth when you can pull it off this way? And yes, morality is very much the catch all cover now. Even though people are actually frighteningly inhumane and immoral.They have engineered kids who resemble prototypes for future generations having to live in environmemts other than the surface of the earth-space, unddrgroumd, Mars domes, etc. Man made created environments.

What is wrong with this is,the powers have chosen to create slaves. Which they will probably claim is due to man not needing his ancient aggressions and creativity anyway as we will no longer live in our natural environment.
Interestingly its the base, ape like urges of the human elite to dominate that are actually behind what is being created.

They will claim man cant survive underground or in space if he is still aggressive and competitive.Yet they have chosen to destroy the planet thus far. What they require is world peace by means of basically lobotomizing humanity.
Aside from my theories about the future the youth today are indeed formed by the things aforementioned.Not so unusual when you think about how much science has gone into their creation.