“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 14, 2012

Johhny Depp- Officially An Douchebag

(Before we begin I must state that I was never one of those people that thought this guy was attractive- I just he looked...Spanish. But Depp is what, German he claims? Double consonants usually denote Scandinavian ancestry. Oh please, they cant produce anything this bad..can they?)

Johhny Depp posts that diss wonderfully.

Gee why is he on stage with Marylin Manson? I thought he was such a nice guy?

Humans en mass are deceived so damn easily. They naturally want to believe his good deeds that obvious associations with Satanists, wearing black and red constantly and being in movie after movie lately that is just either evil or creepy. In 'Pirates' he had to study and hang out with the Prince of Rock and Roll Darkness Keith Richards to get the character right, so hey-more dark content. (see you gotta look closely).

He's like obsessed.

Speaking of obsessed why is this guy gonzo over Madonna? That woman he's with looks like a cross between Madonna and the emaciated models he usually dates or his former supermodel girlfriend. The eyes, the brows, the hair-even the space between the teeth! Is that natural or is that an enhancement. Well its certainly more original than a fake ass or something.

These people in this cult are way beyond that for turn ons I am sure.

And his last character, the one in Wonderland, looked like Madonna and I posted that (and how unbelievably creepy it was).

Now its Dark Shadows. A tv show that was much better left in the stoned 70s with its hysterical camera screw ups and bad scripts. Even the wardrobe was funny- there was an entire season or two where they did this gone back in time theme, and one wondered if they just were forced to write the script around some wardrobe bugeting that forced them to use clothes from some period piece costume department as opposed to it being the script demanded the clothes. : D

I cant believe it. Now he's channeling Michael Aquino himself playing Barnabus whatever his name was. Jones I think. Aquino and someone else...I wonder who.

I just picked up a great phrase on my other blog research: LIMOUSINE LIBERAL.
Now we have a way of describing people who want to reflect our values but are horribly out of touch with reality.

And if this guy cant handle looking at his alter ego perform in his movies its a good chance he's either programmed or easily sucked into a cult.

Whatever. Once again, its like- whatever. Do What Thou Wilt Be It Totally Full Of Show Biz BullShit is the mantra of this crowd I guess.

The mock ritual with Manson and some blonde is reviewed here, pretty funny. And we should know by now that Depp himself can never get on a stage without looking like Adam Ant or someone else.

Which of course means that he, and his other actor friends who are as f*cked up as he is psychologically or anyone in entertainment, is totally powerless to do any harm outside smoke and mirrors to anyone whos focusing solely on spiritual battles and not f*cking around on stage all the time, playing dress up, socializing endlessly, giving interviews and messing with psych warfare for f*ck-knows-who in either an intelligence agency, the military industrial complex or the much more sinister, powerful and creepy cult members who belong to both the cult and the aforementioned power structures.

Helena Bonham Carter is still a petty, rich kid jealous ass. Bone structure only goes so far. Feel lucky that Britain is small and Americans are hopeless closet Anglophiles. Bitch.