“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 28, 2012

Once Again Being Harassed Into Relationship With Black Male In A Liberal Democratic Area

Theres alot being done here lately to brainwash me to get with an African American male.

It seems to be the typical brainwashing process but this is not designed to cause conformity or productivity. This has,been done,here,in this location specifically for this purpose. This op is designed to produce this result.

Part of the process seems to be destroying my identity as a Traveler and isolating me from all my contacts in trucking and from the road, Traveler forums etc.

Making me part of Boston's culture only, isolated from the rest of rhe country and my experiences. Isnt that what New England has,always,done? Its design is to isolate from the rest of the nation. However decades ago before it was infiltrated and destroyed from within, the culture here was worth isolating from the rest of the nation.

Now its being used against its citzens to keep  us imprisoned in this new oppreasive culture whwreas there is still resisrancr in other areas of the USA.

I was literaly hunted this morning at south station by an African,American male I evaded. Another black male came out of the train  I was going into to invade the other man, as he passed by he pulled a tactic it is extremely common in public space in areas like this that are heavy  in african american populations.

black men walk by white women do you like yours are vulnerable perhaps they are TIs themswlves and they stay there right at in lean into the woman's face walk by her.

I know it sounds unbelievable with this is part of a nation wide racin using african americans infiltrate dominate and take over white culture oakley the lower classes specially any female who looks halfway decent doesn't have a white man with her.

is going to want to believe this because it's extremely  politically incorrect.  But as weve seen the new black panthers work supposed to be federal agent provocateurs. cointel pro was filled with black traitors.

the work up just the african american community operations designed to create a controlled society for elite to have supreme rule in the NWO

This content for harassment is common in Liberal Democratic Areas such as Boston, California etc