“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 28, 2012

When I was at Kenmore spanging yesterday someone somewhere perhaps the vendors around me who saw my phone screen got very nervous I was reading up on the anvient  european gods as I do  and looking up the design of the ancient scandinavian symbol thor's hammer which is often worn as a necklace pendant.

the worst of african american culture as well as religion and many other things are being used to keep poor whites down and ignorant and disconmected from our heritage and ancient belief systems.

this is why you see a lot of campaigns calling catholics back to the church now days.

ive also seen a lot of church is based on very white culture. This is most likely to attract a yuppie demographic. using quotes from scandinavian spiritual writers that sort of thing. it's a very unusual kind of religious content for boston. it's obvious that they want to cover all bases sure it is a demographic is under some sort of control, cultural or religious. These are all means of social control in the united states which seems to wanna stay out any kind of all alternative culture that isnt backed by solid money or that can serve as house slave culture for the elite as in African American popularized ghetto culture. the seem to fear the strength ancient cultures soecifically Europe. We see this world wide with tryimg to destroy ancient cultures that dont support Abrahamic dominance. places that are hindu like india simply going to be swept up into the tech culture and the culture of money that is yuppies. I already seen a lot of the younger generation of people from india lost their spirituality that you see in older people. this is all part of the creating a new world order.